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"Darjeeling Tourism Packages are your chance to experience the vividness of this one of a kind state in all its hues. Plan your West Bengal Holiday with us and explore the home of wonders like Sunderbans National Park, the capital city Kolkata and the hill station of Darjeeling all at once along with indulging in adventure and eco tourism activities."
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Darjeeling Tourism Packages

Darjeeling Tourism Packages
Darjeeling Tourism Packages

About West Bengal Holiday

The hardest part of traveling in West Bengal is to choose which places to visit. So much is on offer in West Bengal that picking the best becomes a bit hard. This is a state rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Nestling on the foot of Eastern Himalayas, West Bengal proudly presents its many hill stations as its best kept treasures. Darjeeling being the most important of them all. Apart from the views of mighty Himalayas, the state shows off its history as another major tourism aspect. It still has many architectural wonders which were built during British Rule. With our holiday packages Darjeeling see the past come alive in West Bengal.

Inside Kolkata City
Inside Kolkata City

To relieve you of your tensions, there are some well thought out West Bengal holiday packages that will ensure that you don't miss out on the best, while exploring the great. You name it, you get it, seems to be the mantra of West Bengal. If you are looking for adventurous holiday, take up an adventure tour; if you are a nature lover, Darjeeling tourism packages take you to many national parks that will serve you the best; and if you are short on time but still like to get the taste of the everything, you will find specially designed packages just to your liking. Not only do they take you to all the important destinaions of West Bengal, the main feature of these tour packages is that their duration can be altered if tourists wish for it. Most of the time, the tour gets longer and covers more. Even when there are tour packages that cater to wildlife parks of West Bengal; there are special packages that take you only to Sunderbans National Park. Exploring the largest national park of India, truly is an experience that can't be skipped.

All these tour packages deliver everything that they claim they do, but these tour packages are also filled with small moments that make the entire trip even more sweeter. Like starting your day with a hot cup of freshly picked Darjeeling tea, or getting the views of sun rising on Mt. Kanchenjunga, might not be mentioned any where, but are very much the part of the these tour packages. Uncomplicated and uncompromising, the tour packages are the unparalleled way of exploring the mystical state of West Bengal.

Darjeeling Tourism Packages

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