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"Referred to as the twin city of Kolkata, Howrah is an important commercial center for West Bengal. Monuments with old grandeur, each a gem in its own, share space with the splendid and futuristic complexes. Home to one of the largest railway station in India, a fantastic botanical garden made famous by a single banyan tree and the important Pilgrimage destination of Belur Math, Howrah is a city offering different dimension of tourism, simultaneously."
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Places to Visit in Howrah Tourism

Howrah Bridge on River Hooghly
Howrah Bridge on River Hooghly

A City Where Cultures Come Together

Situated at an altitude of 2134 m above sea level, Darjeeling is one destination for which any number of praising words seems inadequate. The town gets its name from Tibetan words 'dorje' and 'ling' which mean 'thunder' and 'place' respectively which makes Darjeeling 'The Place of Thunder'. The pleasant climate of this place attracted British officers who developed Darjeeling into their summer getaway. There are many places in this sedate town that hold on to the aura and tinge of its colonial past. And with many monasteries, Darjeeling has a touch of religion to it as well. But what glorifies Darjeeling in the world map today are its many varieties of tea. Plucked from different estates and in different seasons, the tea is of varying aroma and tastes.

When visiting Darjeeling, there are none better ways than by taking a ride in the charming toy train which runs on Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO

Attractions - Making West Bengal Complete

The major attraction of Howrah are all places that hold an important position in the daily life of the people here. Be it the Howrah Railway Station or Howrah bridge. Not only are they a wonders that have stood th test of time and are great to look at, but they also are the lifeline of not only Howrah, but entire West Bengal.

Belur Math

Belur Math is a monastery dedicated to Ramakrishna Order. The monastery was started by the disciples of Sri Ramakrishna after his passing away. Earlier, the math was situated at a place called Baranagar. Then it was called Baranagar Math. After some time, the monastery was moved to Belur in the year 1899, by the great saint, Swami Vivekananda. The math is situated just by the side of Hooghly River and is an important religious center for Hindu Pilgrims. The architecture of this Hindu Monastery is also an attraction of the monastery.

Howrah Bridge

The magnificent Howrah bridge has been dominating the Howrah landscape from even freedom. Opened to Public in 1943, Howrah bridge is a cantilever truss bridge and one of the largest of its kind in the world. Constructed over Hooghly River, Howrah bridge connects the twin cities of Howrah and Kolkata. Earlier Howrah Bridge was a floating pontoon bridge built of timber in the year 1874. It was then replaced by the current bridge which was renamed to Rabindra Setu in 1965. Today, it is used by more than 150000 vehicles and 400000 pedestrians everyday. The best time to view the bridge is during night time when the entire bridge is illuminated. Though traveling on it might not be a very memorable experience as it is often jam packed with vehicles.

The Indian Botanical Garden

A single member of the Indian Botanical Garden has brought fame and glory to entire India. Indian Botanical garden, earlier known as Royal Botanic Gardens, is famous for a Banyan Tree that has made it into the record books for having the largest canopy in the world. Take a look at the tree from a distance, and you will find it to be more of a forest rather than a single tree. More than 250 years old, The Great Banyan Tree is approximately 51 feet in girth and covers an area of 257 feet in diameter. It is not the main trunk that covers such huge area. They are the aerial roots that are scattered all around the tree. There are nearly 350 such roots that have reached the ground each of which seem like a different tree and around 100 aerial roots are still to touch the ground.

Apart from the Great Banyan Tree, the botanical garden which covers an area of 285 acres has many other attractions. There are number of rare species of plants that are not found anywhere else in Asia. Inside the Palm house, one can find the Double coconut plant that produces the largest seeds known in the plant family. This oldest botanical garden in South Asia also has an artificial lake that is home to different species of fishes.

The Howrah Railway Station

Howrah Railway station is considered among the largest railway platforms in the world. The huge crowd, the facilities, and the olden day charm, all add up to make this truly a wonderful destination to visit. Started in the year 1854, the first train that departed from here was to Pandua the very same year. It is the first railway station to have started operating in East India. Today, it caters to all major cities in India. The station is divided into different sections, one is the old terminal from where trains to states further east and south east. The other is the new terminal from where trains to all other parts of India leave. Fro travelers, there is a government run lodge as well inside the station premises that promises to offer good facilities to its guests.

Accommodation In Howrah

There are ample good hotels in Howrah that you can choose for a comfortable stay. Being close to capital city Kolkata, many business travelers choose Howrah for their accommodation. To give them a successful stay, hotels of Howrah have added world class business facilities in their hotel. Hotel Balaji, Centaur Hotel, Hotel Cosy, Hotel Manish and Hotel Meghdoot are the better known hotels in Howrah. Most of these hotels are situated close to the main station in the city.

How To Reach Howrah

By Air

Kolkata is the nearest airport to Howrah which is adjacent to the city. Kolkata airport receives flights from all part of India and all major countries in the world. From the airport, you can either catch a bus or hire a taxi to your hotel in Howrah.

By Rail

Howrah Station is the most important station in West Bengal after the capital city Kolkata. In fact, Howrah is the gateway to Kolkata as all trains to the capital city pass through Howrah. There are trains to and from all major cities of India.

By Road

Howrah is well connected to all parts of the state by transport buses as well privately operated coaches. Howrah borders Kolkata which makes it quite easy to travel to the capital city. The distance between their city center will not be more than 25 Km. One can always go to Kolkata to catch a bus to other cities, but there is a major bus stand in Howrah as well.

Local Transportation

Howrah is one of the major cities in Kolkata that has a good transportation system inside the city. One can easily find buses that connect the entire city and ample number of taxis for a comfortable journey.


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