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"Hotels and resorts of West Bengal have been a backbone for tourism in the state. Considered as the best accommodation in entire East India, West Bengal hotels provide world class business and leisure facilities along with rendering heartwarming services. Be it a luxury 5 star hotel in the busy suburbs or a graceful hill resort in the shadows of green mountains, wish for more than just fun and relaxation; expect memories for a lifetime."
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Hotels and Resorts of West Bengal

Hyatt Hotel - Kolkata
Hyatt Hotel - Kolkata

Caters To Every Need and Requirement

Hotels of West Bengal are considered among the best in entire East India. There is no shortage of hotels in the state, neither is there any dearth of the varieties found here. West Bengal has always seen the biggest names form all walks of life visiting the state for reasons as diverse as the state itself. Some come here to explore the many natural wonders that dot the entire length and breadth of the state, some are here just to feel the colonial atmosphere that still holds on strong in many parts of the state. They are the leisure traveler who expect to have some jolly good time. Then there are business travelers who wish to get the best facility to make their trip a successful one. Looking at the requirements of both, West Bengal has hotels that cater to the needs of both groups.

The facilities provided by the 5 star deluxe hotel in the capital city Kolkata and other important cities of the state are at par with the global standards. And when teamed up with gratifying services, the hotels become the key ingredient for a memorable holiday. Another splendid feature of West Bengal hotels that adds up to the list of facilities of the hotel is their location. For a hill resort, a solitary location amidst the beautiful locations, is a rejuvenation facility and a suburban location in a posh locality is a boon for the luxury business hotels. Almost all hotels have rejuvenation facilities like swimming pool, gymnasiums, health centers, amenities for indoor and outdoor games. And for business people, expect huge and spacious conference rooms that can accommodate large number of people at a stretch which are equipped with the most modern communication and multimedia systems. Most of the hotels and resorts in the state are decorated in themes corresponding to the unique and rich culture of West Bengal.

The telling factor that makes the West Bengal hotel stand out apart is the tremendous cuisine of the state. The variety in both veg and non veg dishes is simply breathtaking. And no where else will you find tastier fish curries and the famous Rasgulla, the favorite sweet dish of entire India. In luxury hotels, there are multi cuisine restaurants that give you the best of many worlds.

West Bengal hotels have become a great asset for the state that earns a lot its revenue through tourism. Whether it is a hill resort, a jungle resort, a beach resort or a deluxe luxury hotels, all have provided their guests with facilities that are considered best in the business. Sometimes used a base for entire East India travel, Bengal hotels are in a league of their own.

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