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"Kolkata is one of those cities that in spite of its crowded streets, busy people and fast paced life, seems amazingly charming, refreshing and lively at the same time. The ever increasing rush of tourists has made Kolkata look after its much celebrated culture and vividness. Known as the cultural and intellectual capital of India, Kolkata has left every soul that touched its ground, enchanted."
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Kolkata City - Capital of West Bengal
Kolkata City - Capital of West Bengal

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A Theatre For Life Itself

Kolkata is a city that, in all senses, can be termed as India of past, of present and of future. No other cities, probably in the world show this striking difference between the economic conditions of people living in different parts of the city. On one hand, Kolkata is seen as a city reeling under poverty and human sufferings; and on the other hand, it is considered as the intellectual and cultural capital of India. Drive through Kolkata, and its history zips past you on every corner. Kolkata was the former capital of British India and one can still see the glimpses of that era in the numerous colonial buildings still dominating the surrounding landscape. Situated on the banks of the important Hooghly River, Kolkata was home few of the most eminent and legendary personalities like Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Philosopher Ramakrishna and well known film director Satyajit Ray. Today, one can visit Kolkata for India's most famous museums like Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum and Science City.

Kolkata is not called the cultural capital of India for no reason. Everyday in Kolkata is as good as a festival, let alone time when a famous festival comes up. No matter where you are, during Durga Puja celebrations, you just can't afford to be anywhere else than Kolkata. Every street, every corner, every house and every heart is drenched in multi colors of festivities. Kolkata is a heaven for food lovers with some of the best known restaurants and street food outlets in India. Don't forget to taste the fabulous 'RasoGulla', a sweet dish. The best time to visit

Shopping In Kolkata

In recent times, the rules of shopping in Kolkata has turned head over heels. What used to be a day long affair in the sweltering heat for Kolkatans; today is a pleasant experience in an air conditioned mall. Blink an eye, and there's a new mall ready to woo customers right in your neighborhood. Style and brand seems to be the mantra for the young generation. Forum Mall at Elgin Road is the most famous of all malls; to which the credit of changing the tide goes. However, the old timers refuse to let go of their once a month trip into the hustle and bustle of the street markets. For them, it is still a family outing, shopping for their favorite dresses at the cheapest prices, bargaining till both parties exhaust and fix the deal at a mutual price and eating mouth watering spicy snacks at your regular restaurant joints. Some markets in Kolkata have stamped their authority as best place for shopping for a particular item. For Saris, Gariaghat, College Street, Park Street, Vivekananda Road and Rashbehari Avenue are the famous. For Jewelery, College street and Bidhan Sarani are irreplaceable. New market and Lindsay street known for leather items is more of a landmark for Kolkatans. And if you are looking for traditional Indian crafts, visit Central Cottage Industries Emporium at Chowringee. The range of price for which you will get things here is widest you could imagine of. So, throw away disappointment as an option when coming to Kolkata for shopping and expect nothing less than everything.

Accommodations In Kolkata
Hotel Taj Bengal

Being the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata is home to the some finest luxury hotels in India. Accommodation of all the major hotel chains like Taj, Oberoi and Le Meridien are found here. They cater to the affluent sections of leisure and business travelers. Taj Bengal, Oberoi Grand Hotel and Hyatt Regency Hotel are the prominent amongst the many Deluxe hotels. For people who are more conscious of their spending, there are good budget hotels as well in the city that might not be as luxurious and pampering as the hotels mentioned above, but are lavish enough to make your holidays a memorable one. Peerless Inn, The Senator Hotel, Fort Radisson Resort and Rutt Dean are the best budget hotels in Kolkata.

How To Reach Kolkata

By Air

Kolkata has connection to all important cities of India and almost all countries of the world. Indian Airlines, Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet and Sahara Airways are the flight carriers that connect Kolkata to Indian cities and Air India connects the West Bengal Capital to all parts of the world.

By Rail

Kolkata is not only an important railway station for East India, it is one of the most important in entire India. Trains to and from all major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai frequent Kolkata. You can also catch train to other important stations of West Bengal like Durgapur, Kharagpur, and New Jalpaiguri.

By Road

Kolkata is connected to all cities and towns by a networks of national highways. Depending on which destination you wish to depart to, you will get buses from the maidan near Chowringhee Road or from Bus stand at Babu Ghat. There are many more major bus stands in Kolkata but you will find more buses for inside the city.

Local Transport

Taxis are the most convenient way of commuting inside the city. Not only are they comfortable, they are easily available at all times. Buses also play a major role in city transportation. However, it is the metro that is the lifeline of Kolkata citizens. It joins every part of the city to each other.


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