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"The Nawabi splendour of Lucknow gives it the ultimate flavour of dignity and honour and eventually enriching the art, craft, music and dance of Lucknow immensely. The mouth watering Lucknavi cuisine is also result of Nawabi heritage in the city."
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Lucknavi Nawabi Splendor

Chhota Imambara, Lucknow Uttara Pradesh
Chhota Imambara, Lucknow Uttara Pradesh

Lucknow, the city of Nawab is still rich with the reminiscence of its royal heritage and luxurious life of the Nawabs. The ancient mansions, huge Imambars, narrow lanes and unique life style of the people of Lucknow, all remind the bygone grandeur of the city. Whether the grace of Kathak dance or the delicacy of Avadhi cuisine, you will find the impression of the Nawabi style in every walk of Lucknow life. Ride a boat down the Gomti river and you will be amazed to discover the true colour of Nawabi splendour of Lucknow.

Captivating Royal Nostalgia

From the very beginning of Nawabi era, which was started by Nawab Asafuddaulah in 1775, Lucknow has seen the days of luxury and flamboyance with every Nawab who came to rule the city. Be it the heavily ornamented gateway Rumi Darwaza or the extravagant beauty of Bara Imambara, Nawabs of Lucknow established a new statement of architecture at that time. Their active participation in the socio cultural activities have given Lucknow a new name 'City of Tehzeeb' (Etiquette and Manner) which you can encounter with every person you meet in the city.

Art and Culture That Flourished in Nawabi Era

The immense effluence and love for the art of the Nawabs have created new horizons for dance, music and literature in India. This was the time when Urdu poets flourished the most and mesmerized the world with their excellent poetry under the wise patronage of the Nawabs. Since then, Indian literature has never been the same as before. The admiration for the art and music of the Nawabs bloomed the practice of Kathak dance and Hindustani Classical music like anything and thus making it hugely popular form of art in India at that time. The Lucknow Festival celebrated between 25th November and 5th December every year still maintains the elegance and charm of the Nawabi era.

Royalty of The Avadhi Cuisine

Lakhnavi Nawabs were great connoisseurs of fine food and were never ready to compromise on the quality. Their regular experimentation in the royal kitchens gave the Avadhi cuisine a new height of fineness and dimension. Be it the vegetarian food like Dum Pukht , Dum Aloo or the non-vegetarian items like Dum Mutton and Dum Murg, the Nawabs of Lucknow undoubtedly deserve kudos from all the food lovers of the world. The mouth watering fragrance of the Dum Biriyani, Noor Pulav or Mori Pulav are sure to allure you like anything. Lucknow is also known as the 'land of kebabs' where the variety of Kebabs include the famous names like Nargisi Kebab, Seek Kebab, Shami Kebab and Galawat Kebab, which are ready to indulge your senses and leave you speechless. You may try the hundred years old restaurant Tunde Kebabi in Chowk and savour for the exquisite Kebab delicacy to make your sojourn in Lucknow a memorable one.

Fun and Festival in Nawabi Style

The urge for keeping themselves busy in the idle days, Lucknow Nawabs invented a number of sports. This lead to some royal competitions like Kabootar Ladana (Pigeon Fight), Parrot Flying, Patang Udana (Kite Flying) and Baazi Lagana (Betting) which used to keep them busy throughout the year. The employment of knowledgeable man to train and look after the parrot and pigeons make it clear that these sports were not only for fun but a sense of pride and honour was associated with them.


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