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"Uttar Pradesh is today one of the biggest names in travel industry as it is home to one of the most famous and loved monument in the world, Taj Mahal. Many tourist who travel to Uttar Pradesh to explore the beauty of Taj Mahal, end up being huge admirers of other attractions like Varanasi Ghats, Fatehpur Sikri and the ever charming Buddhist travel destinations."
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Taj Mahal,  Agra
Taj Mahal, Agra - Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh – The land of Spirituality

Known for ages for its rich ancient traditions, Uttar Pradesh abounds in places of religious importance and pilgrimages. A large number of places which cannot be only called places of pilgrimage but which have great importance from historical and tourist point of view collectively make Uttar Pradesh a center of spirituality and rich heritage in India.

Devotion, Ayurveda, Yoga and More

Skirted nicely on the foot of the great Himalayas and watered by holy sprinkles of the Ganges, Uttar Pradesh exhibits a rare combination of natural beauty and divinity. Be the ancient pilgrimage destination like Varanasi or the divine Buddhist site Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh houses the heritage of spirituality for centuries and have been the favourite destination for salvation seeker tourists. Also popularly known as the land of Ayurveda and Yoga, the state hosts the famous international yoga festival with the goal to aware people of this thousand year old medical science of India.

About Mughal Heritage

When it comes to heritage, specially Mughal heritage, probably no other monument in the world have attained similar height as Taj Mahal, which sitting gracefully in the middle of the ancient city Agra. Tourists from different parts of the world don't mind to take long journey to have a single glimpse of this love epic. Exquisite Mughal architecture of Fatehpur Sikri, and Sikandara are also ready to soak you in the grandeur of erstwhile Mughal heritage.

Shopping Bonanza

You name what you want and pick it from the wonderland, better known as Uttar Pradesh. From the excellent Silk Sarees of Varanasi and majestic marble stone furniture to exquisite zardozi woven garments of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is ready to establish a lifelong relationship with you. A tour through this diverse land is sure to leave some permanent impression in your leaving room, bed room and wardrobe.

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Taj Mahal
Agra Fort
Maha Kumbh Mela
Lucknow Nawabi Splendor
Varanasi Ghats
Fatehpur Sikri

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