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"Almora Uttarakhand is untouched by urbanisation, a trip to Almora village will bring the beauty of nature together with the colourful life of people of mountains here. The romantic weather in Almora Uttaranchal make you fall in love with this place. Visit the famous tourist attractions in Almora with us and loose yourself in its natural beauty."
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Nand Devi Temple Almora, Uttaranchal
Nanda Devi temple Almora, Uttaranchal

About Almora City

A major district in Uttaranchal, the identity of Almora is much more then just another tourist attraction. The place apart from its interesting geography also has a rich history and cultural heritage to boast of. A major district in the state of Uttaranchal, it is a busy township.

At a height of 1638 metres and a moderate temperature, Almora rests among a picturesque setting. On a horse saddle shaped hillock, surrounded by thick forests of pine and fur trees, flowing alongside the city are rivers of Koshi and Suyal and to top it all are the snow capped Himalayas in the background. Adding to the colours of nature is the colourful culture of Almora, people with rosy cheeks dressed in colourful attires, all this adds to the charm of the town. The town unlike more developed Nainital and Mussoorie is quite virgin a land. The place is untouched by urbanisation and the people here have preserved their culture and tradition well. The roads and pavements are rather unplanned here but the beauty of the terraced fields and barrack like houses here and there can not be missed.

Almora History

Back in 9th century, Katyur dynasty ruled in Almora, however by 16th century the rulers were Chandravanshis and then Almora passed to Nepali Gurkhas and finally to Britishers. Evidence of its rich past is available in the ruins of old forts, palaces and monuments built by Chandravanshis and Katyur dynasty.

Almora Attractions


Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum

Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum near Almora bus stand is worth paying a visit owing to its rich collection of items relating to the history, archeology and cultural significance. The rich collection of this museum takes you on a journey of different phases of history of Almora. 'Apen' is a folk style of painting found in this region and can be seen here in this museum in its various aspects. Perfect to click lots of Almora pictures.

Bright & Corner

This place could be your silent retreat to find yourself in the mountains. The place is famous for its view at sunrise and sunset. The place is unusually calm. It is said that the peacefulness of this place can not be matched with any other hill station. One can visit the circuit house nearby which also has a serene setting. For those in love with philosophy and spirituality, there is no better place. Nearby is Vivekananda Library in Ramakrishna Kutir. Swami Vivekananda had stayed here during the time he spent in Himalayas.


It is a beautiful place 5 kms from Almora. The place enchants with its picture postcard view, miles of terrain with beautiful hills lined with pine and fur trees. Lying on the opposite side of the horseshoe ridge, Simtola is a quite picnic spot and a popular destination of the Almora tour. While visiting Simtola, you can also pay a visit to the nearby Hiradungi which used to be a diamond mine and the beautiful 'Granite Hill' close by.

Khajanchi Mohalla

Khajanchi Mohalla literally means treasurer's area. You can visit the area for glimpses of old style architecture. The area dates back to the times of kings in Almora, it then belonged to the state treasurers.

Tamta Mohalla

Tamta Mohalla in the old city in earlier times belonged to the coppersmiths. Coppperware is still one of the popular crafts of Almora and the place is still inhabited by large number of coppersmiths.


This is the old Almora fort located at the highest point of Almora bazaar. As you cross the Mall and the Almora bazaars, there is the Collectorate. Climb up here to get a view of the Almora and the nearby mountain ranges.


It is a beautiful place just 10 kms from Almora. Complete with gardens and forests, the place has good scenic beauty. Many foreigners who came here liked the place so much that they settled here. A good picnic trip can be made here.


A place of unsurpassed beauty, Koshi lies 12 kms from Almora. A stay here can be arranged at the circuit house. Besides there is also Govind Vallabh Pant Research Institute here.


Nanda Devi Temple Amlora

The exact date when this temple was made is not known but it is believed to be hundreds of years old. People of this region and around have deep faith in this temple and it shows. Its the most famous temple around with thousands of pilgrims paying it a visit every year. Naina Devi was the patron goddess of Chandravanshi kings. This is the most famous place in Almora, it is as if old Almora lies preserved here. The temple stands in the antechamber of Shiva temple. Walls of the temple have been intricately carved attractively with true to life images. Nanda Devi Fair held here in the month of September draws large crowds.

Chetai Temple

This is the sacred temple of Golu Devta, 6 Kilometres from Almora perched on a hilltop. Golu Devta was deified general of Chand dynasty that once ruled Almora. The temple has his shrine. Devotees, as thanksgiving offer bells here which are decorated on the canopy of these bells. Surrounded by fur and pine tree forest, a visit to this temple will prove beneficial for nature lovers. The temple bears strong faith among the locals here and goats are sacrificed here in front of the deity.


To take a good view of Almora town, Kalimath is ideal, just 4.5 kilometres from Almora. There is also a temple of Kasar Devi here. Amazingly true, the temple dates back to second century.


Next to the Konark temple of Orissa, Katarmal's sun temple is the most significant sun temple. This 800 year old temple has not received the kind of attention it deserves. Katarmal is 17 kilometres from Almora and worth paying a visit. Though the place is in ruins due to neglect but you will see some interesting architecture and intricate images carved out on walls.


Jageshwar Temple Almora

Thirty four kilometres from Almora is this famous temple of Jageshwar. This temple is counted among the 12 jyotirlings of the country. There are more than 100 large and smalls shrines in the complex, of them three shrines of Jageshwar, Mrityunjaya and Pushtidevi are notable for their sculptures. Jageshwar lies in a narrow valley surrounded by large deodars.


This place 47 kilometres from Almora is blessed by nature and is ideal for a day's excursions. There are also some natural caves and ancient temples of lord Shiva here for you to explore. A fair held here on Kartik Purnima.


Ninety kilometres from Almora is the commercial hub of Kumaon region called Bageshwar. Located on the bank of river Saryu, the place gets its name from the temple of Lord Bagnath here. It is a 14th century temple and close to Pindari glacier. These two reasons are enough to attract visitors here.


Baijnath is a historically significant place. 71 kilometres from Almora, this place has many 12th and 13th century temples built during Katyur dynasty. These temples of archaeological and historical importance are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha. Located on the coast of Gomti river, those interested in historical architecture must visit them.


A popular hill station among North Indians, Nainital is a lake city. Naini lake in the centre of the town is the main attraction here. Other attractions of the place are Snow View point, Ropeway, Naina Peak, Hanuman Garhi, Lands End and many more. Nainital is 71 kilometres from Almora and regular buses ply between Nainital and Almora.


This place 50 kilometres from Almora is a quiet beautiful hill station. This place is known for its serene beauty and charm. Visit the place for the sweeping view it offers of the Himalayas and beautiful orchards.


Kausani is 51 kilometres from Almora. Kausani blessed with picture perfect beauty by nature is a quiet place, it sees many a tourists regularly but remains as beautiful as it was a century ago when Mahatma Gandhi had come here and given this place, the title 'Switzerland of India'.

Other Attractions

Fairs and Festivals

Almora is a land of rich culture and tradition which has been well preserved and passed on from one generation to another. It is a land of fairs and festivals. Not a month passes without any fair or festival and people of Almora hold close to their hearts their religious values.

Nanda Devi Festival is the most famous of all celebrated in the month of September. Celebrated with great joy here near Nanda Devi temple, a fair is also held during the same time. The magnitude of the festival can be realised by the fact that 25,000 people come to attend the festival.

Another important festival celebrated around the place is Uttraini festival celebrated in January and a week long fair accompanies it. This is the most popular fair in the entire region. People from mountains and plains come here in this festival and fair organised in Bageshwar, 90 kms from Almora.

Jageshwar monsoon festival is celebrated in the month of July and August. The festival is very significant from religious and historical point of view. Each day during the festival, approximately 1000 tourists pay visit to Jageshwar temple. Dushhera, the famous Hindu festival is another important festival here and is celebrated in a unique manner drawing large crowds from far and wide. Almora being so culturally active and rich has many many other fairs and festivals round the year.


Pashmina shawls, woolen products like shawls, chutka, carpets and thulma are very popular here. One can also easily get products of ringal like musta and dalia. Apart from that in local art, you will get Kumaon Folk art, decorative candles, drift wood products like ekebanas, statues etc. Copper ware is also very famous here, the city's connection with coppersmiths dates centuries back. Kalmatia sangam almora is one such place where you can buy these products.

Getting There

By Air

The closest airport is Pantnagar, 127 kilometres from Almora. Flights are available during summers .

By Rail

The closest railhead is Kathgodam (90 kms) which is well connected by trains to Delhi, Lucknow, Dehradun, Agra, Bareilly and Kolkatta.

By Road

There are daily route to Delhi to Almora bus service (380 kms.), Lucknow (466 kms.), Dehradun (415 kms) and other important places. Otherwise one can also travel up to Nainital by bus as it is better connected and take buses from there for Almora.

Almora Hotels

Various staying options are available at the hotels in Almora that you can choose according to your budget. Apart from them the different resorts in Almora and the budget hotels at Almora are also good for staying there. Here is the list of few of them.

Ashok Hotel Almora

Almora Kausani Resort

Dolmaar Hotel

Shikhar Hotel Almora

So next time you plan to go there have a look at the best Almora hotels accommodation. Fall in love with the city and its beauty and for more info about the city Almora map will help you. Also do not forget to capture the beauty of this place with Almora photos.


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