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"Adventure sports in Tamil Nadu have slowly and gradually acquired the attention of tourist visiting India across the globe. Water and Aero sports especially are the main tourist attractions in this state because of the variety of vast coastal stretches, renowned beaches and green hilly slopes. Come and explore the heights of skies and the depths of oceans by taking part in adventure sports activities in Tamil Nadu."
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Water & Aerosports in Tamilnadu


Aqua Sports s- Into The Depths of Greatest Mystery Aqua sports are gaining pace in Tamil Nadu, offering much options that one can't stop indulging into these rocking adventure activities. Beach adventure acquires a whole new meaning after you come to the shores of Tamil Nadu. Sports like Snorkeling, scuba diving and angling are the most preferred pastime on the beaches. Surfing and water scooter are the upcoming sports that have already started making ripples in the tourism world.


Snorkeling in the shallow waters with your family definitely is quite an experience that none can afford to miss. Jump into the waters and swim besides the most beautiful and colorful fishes which will no doubt be a memorable moment. If you are not very used to this water sport you can take an informal class that will tell you about all the precautions that should be taken before you indulge in this sport.


You will be amazed to find incredible number of Places where you can indulge in the activity of angling. There are streams like Aradha Puzha, Peemund, Kalkundi streams that have become famous amongst the tourists as the places are brimming with different species of fishes. So pick up your fishing rod and get ready to pull out the biggest fishes you would have ever caught.

Scuba diving

Adventurers, get ready to explore the never seen world of the ocean core and watch as the magical world unfolds itself to you. Gifted with clear blue water, the beaches of Tamil Nadu prove to be one of the best spots for scuba diving. The most famous beach for Scuba diving in Tamil Nadu is the beach in Rameshwaram. The beaches provide all the basic equipments that are required for this activity. There is also an alert medical team on the beach that makes indulgence in this activity extremely safe.


Surfing is one of the most adventurous water sports in the world and its fever is fast catching up in India as well. Almost all major beaches of Tamil Nadu have brilliant facility of surf boards and emergency. Though it is advisable that only people who are quite comfortable with surfing choose this activity as the water on Indian coasts are quite strong and unpredictable. So don't give it a second thought, just pick your surf board and cut through the ocean of waves like a knife through melting butter.

Aerosports - Fly Into Cloud Nine

Be it hang gliding, ballooning, or para gliding, Tamil Nadu offers the best facilities and locations for indulging in aero sports. Places like Ooty and Kodaikanal are considered to be the best where you can enjoy the thrills and kicks of flying into the open skies. You can indulge in aero sports throughout the yeasr except for in monsoon season. Sail over the high peaks and see the world virtually with bird's eye.

Para Gliding

Ooty and Kodaikanal are the best destinations in Tamil Nadu where you can enjoy the activity of para gliding to the most. The government has opened an institution to train the tourist who are interested in learning the how to para glide. So if you are in Tamil Nadu don't miss the golden opportunity to master this art of flying. Para gliding is easier, lighter and safer than many other aero sports. If you are not interested in learning how to fly, no problems, you can sit alongside an professional pilot and experience the thrilling feeling. As the pilot is flying the glide, all you got to do is lay back and feel the intoxicating wind brush past your face.

Hang Gliding

Among all, hang gliding is the most interesting aero sports. Though it is a quite recent entry into the list of adventure activities, it has already made its mark among the tourists as their favorite. A hang glider depends a lot on the climatic conditions for its smooth operations so don't get disappointed if you are not able to enjoy this activity on a particular day, do come back some other day when the climate is just perfect and that day might just prove to be the most memorable day of your life. Hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud are the locations that provide the facility of hang gliding.

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