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"Tiruchirapalli also facilitates excellent excursion trips to near by destinations, tourist can opt for various travel circuits that are quite popular and can be covered in a day or more. Famous archaeological circuit, eco-circuit tours in Tiruchirappalli are the most preferred that gives an exposure to the monumental sites as well wildlife in the destination."
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Tiruchirappalli Circuits

Grand Anaicut Kallanai
Grand Anaicut Kallanai


The places around Tiruchirapalli are full of archeological sites and sceneric beauty that varied circuits have been devised to cover them. The circuits are divided into three categories, Archaeological circuit, Eco-tourism circuit and Industrial circuit. Choose any circuit according to the mood you are in and the time at your disposal and explore things that will fascinate you to your deepest. These circuits prove to be the perfect getaways from a mundane and hectic life.

Archaeological Circuits - Trip Through History

This circuit covers almost all the nearby areas that are rich in cultural and heritage monuments. You will be treated to some of the most exquisite architectures that have withstood the test of time and now mesmerize the onlookers with their magnificent grandeur. To cover all the places in the circuit you will require at least 2 days. For the night stay, you can choose any of the destination as all of them have good accommodation facility.

Narthamalai (25 km)

Narthamalai is a cluster of small hills which is located some 25 km away from Tiruchirapalli. Here you will find few of the oldest rock cut temples of India. The most famous and beautiful of all the temples is the 9th century temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva where you will witness the most scintillating sculptures of different deities on the wall. Reaching this place is not a problem as there are regular bus service from Tiruchirapalli.

Thirumayam (80 km)

Situated at a distance of 80 Km from Tiruchirapalli, it takes around 2 hrs by road to reach here. Transportation is not a problem as both state transport and private players have their frequent services in and out of Thirumayam. Once you are in the district, you will be left counting the options that you have here to visit and explore. Most famous of all are the Thirumayam Fort, the Shiva temple, and the Vishnu temple which are full of exquisite architectural work that a walk besides them will virtually take you through the times they were built in.

Vayaloor (8 km)

Famous for the exceptionally beautiful Lord Muruga temple, Vayaloor district which is just 8 km from the Tiruchirapalli central bus stand, attracts devotees and tourist in equal numbers. Just hire a bicycle from Trichy and paddle along through the beautiful ways enjoying the nature which slowly unfolds itself to you.

Samayapuram (20 km)

Situated 20 km north of Tiruchirapalli, Samyapuram is famous for the Mariamman temple that is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. Devotees from all over the country come here for Goddess's blessings who is said to cure all physical ailments. Visit this temple and offer your prayers for disease free lives. Main day to visit the temple are Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.

Eco Tourism Circuits - The Heart of Nature

Outside the walls of Tiruchirapalli, find the most amazing sites to spend your vacations. Full of natural beauty, these excursion points are the best way to relax and rejuvenate. You can cover all the destination in one day itself and return back to Tiruchirapalli.

Mukkombu (Upper Anaicut) (18 km)

This beautiful excursion spot is situated just 18 km from Tiruchirapalli on the banks of river Cauvery. With activities like boating and a ride in a toy train that one can enjoy amidst the most beautiful gardens and trees, this district has become a preferred picnic spot for both locales and tourist alike.

Grand Anaicut Kallanai (24 km)

Considered to be one of the engineering marvels in India, this is a second century dam, which is still in use. Built on river Cauvery, the dam is situated just 24 km away from Tiruchirapalli. Due to the impressive cover of greenery around the dam, it has become perfect picnic for the locales.

Archaeological Circuit - Rendezvous the Heritage of Past

Trace the path of Indian development in the small cities of Tamil Nadu. The circuit covers all the major Industry dominated cities, which are situated around Tiruchirapalli. The distances between the destination are a bit long so a large part of your tour will spend in traveling. So it is advisable to keep at least 2 complete days to completely relish the wonders in the cities that are covered under this circuit.

Karur (74 km)

sKarur is a city situated 74 km away from the heart of Tiruchirapalli. It has become one of the important cities of Tamil Nadu because of its handloom Industry. You can here shop for few of the most beautiful and durable apparels. Do not forget to take home locally made bed linen and floor spreads that are the best in the whole country.

Karaikudi (103 km)

sYou are sure to get spellbound in this city where you will witness the most sprawling houses and mansions in the state. Also explore the prime examples of Chettinadu architecture that are uniquely attractive and completely different from any that you have ever seen till now. This city is situated around 103 km away from Tiruchirapalli and you can reach here by bus, which takes around 3 hrs to reach here.

Pugalur (87 km)

This industrial city in the state of Tamil Nadu is famous for the number of paper mills it houses. In fact Pugalur has few of the biggest paper mills of south India named TNPL(Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper limited). You will be amazed to know that TNPL produces around 230,000 tonnes of paper every year and is the largest producer of Eco- friendly bagasse (sugarcane waste) based paper in the world. Visit these mills and get to know how the paper that you write on, comes into being. It takes around 2 hrs to cover the distance of 87 km from Tiruchirapalli.


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