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"Rich culture and tradition, ancient architecture and bounty full of historical legacy is what you will get in abundance in Tiruchirapalli. Home to the largest temple in India and treasures like the Rock Fort temple, Tiruchirapalli is bound to give you an experience of a walk in the times gone by."
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Thiruchirappalli Tourism

Rock Fort Temple
Rock Fort Temple

Tiruchirapalli - City Full of Grandeur

Situated at a distance of 320 km from Chennai and 150 km from Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, popularly known as Trichy, is a land of rich history and culture. Tiruchirapalli, the once fortress of Chola dynasty has retained its aura and exuberance that it used to enjoy earlier. The beautiful, massive temples dots this land, stand as icons and edifices of a prolific past. One sight of these temples is good enough to transport tourists into charismatic charm of its bygone era and experience the enchanting allure. Apart from temples, Trichy is also known for the famous and the fascinating Rock Fort, an architectural marvel that is built on a 83 m high rock, rising amidst the plains. This fort with a towering presence over the city has become a landmark that attracts a huge chunk of tourists into Tiruchirapalli. Undoubted, the center of attraction is Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple situated on an island in mid river, the temple complex covers an areas of whopping 250 hectares that makes it the largest temple in India.

With passing time, Trichy has developed itself into a dream destination for travelers. The helpful and caring people of the city and the pleasant climate add beauty to this already stunning city. Tourists who come to Tiruchirapalli never leaves this wonderful city without picking memorabilia and memories that can be savored for the rest of their lives.

Major Attractions - Abundance of Splendor

Tiruchirapalli is a temple town and its major attractions revolve round its magnificent temple architecture that have withstood the test of time and still have the same appeal and effect. The tourist with an eye for architectural beauty will have their time worth in gazing the largest Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple architecture and landmarks like Rock Fort Temple. Tiruchirapalli has surely made up its mark on international world map.

Rock Fort Temple

This temple sits pretty atop a mammoth piece of rock which rises from the plains, soaring to a height of 83 meters. The Rock fort temple is a combination of three temples, of which The Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva - halfway up is the most famous and visited temple complex by the devotees. The temple has a 100-pillared hall, and a Vimana completely covered with gold, which more often than not captures the imagination of the onlookers. There are several remarkable rock-cut cave temples on the southern face of the rock, dating back to the Pallava period, which perfectly compliment the resplendence of the Rock Fort. This temple site is also the chosen venue for the famous Carnatic wars between the French and English, which was fought around this rock.

Sri Jambukeshwara Temple

The Sri Jambukeshwara Temple is located 5 km from the town, dedicated to Lord Siva. The legend has it that an elephant worshiped Lord Shiva near the Jambu tree, hence the temple was named Jambukeshwara. There are seven gopurams and 5 concentric walls, which are completely covered with splendid carvings. These carvings are so life-like that they virtually transport the beholder into the past realm. It is built around a Siva Lingam, which is completely submerged in water that comes from a spring in the sanctum sanctorum. Although non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple, but such tourists can experience the structural beauty of the complex from outside which also is worth the time. The temple is open daily between 6 am to 1pm and between 4pm to 9.30pm.

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple is located 12 km north of the city junction on Trichy-Chennai highway. The Maariamman Temple is one of the most visited shrines in Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Maariamman, who is a form of Goddess Shakti associated with prosperity and health. Locals believe that the deity cures diseases such as Small Pox and Chicken Pox. The walls of the temple have carvings of Goddess Shakti in her various manifestations and also other heavenly sculptures of various Gods.

Srirangam (Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple)

The temple of Sri Ranganatha is the largest temple in India. It is of great importance to all Hindus as it is considered to be the supreme temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is located some 6 km from Trichy and is on the banks of River Kaveri. This 13th century temple is surrounded by seven scintillating rectangular courtyards and has 21 spectacular gopurams, among which Rajagopuram is the largest in India. The walls and surroundings of the temple are rich in brilliant carvings and wonderful paintings that have proved to be a great attraction for the tourists.


Trichy provides accommodation for all kinds of travelers. Hotels ranging from star category loaded with all modern facilities to budget lodges that cater to the basic needs with reasonable price. Hotels that stand out from the rest of the crowd are Hotel Sangam, Hotel Jenneys Residency, Hotel Aristo and Hotel Chitra.

Getting There

By Air

Tiruchirapalli has its own airport which is around 5 km from the city. All major cities of India have direct flight connection with Tiruchirapalli (Trichy). Flights to Colombo and Gulf countries also operate from here.

By Rail

Trichy is considered to be an important station of South India. It has trains running in and out of the city to all the main cities of Tamil Nadu and India.

By Road

Trichy has highways that connect the city to all major parts of Tamil Nadu. State transport buses regularly ply in and out of the city.

Local Transport

No problems in getting around Trichy. You will find ample of buses, taxis auto rickshaws and rickshaws that will take you to all the destination of your choice.

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