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"Come and flavor the most exotic of South Indian cuisine in the sumptuous dishes of Tamil Nadu. Becoming the demanding choice of tourist traveling to India the Tamil Nadu Cuisine has reached its paramount by getting recognized as a world class cuisine. One can savor the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in almost all hotels and restaurants of entire India."
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Tamil Nadu Cuisine Guide

Idli & Sambhar
Idli & Sambhar

Tamil Nadu Cuisine - Your Senses Will Love It

Tamil Nadu is a hot favorite spot for tasting the various south Indian dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The tourist here gets to taste the dishes that might not be very famous in north India but are equally delicious, if not better than the ones that are famous. The menu only gets bigger during the festivals which by no means, can be called few. During the festival of Pongal, the varieties of delicacies, right from the spiciest food to the sweetest desert, increase many folds. To relish these sumptuous delights one surely has to come to these land.

Vegetarian food in Tamil Nadu are mainly based on grains, lentils, vegetables and specially rice. The most famous items are Idli( rice cakes), dosa, vada and Pongal(a mash of rice and lentils boiled together and seasoned with ghee, cashew nuts, pepper and cummin seeds). These items are eaten with variety of other side dishes like Sambar and coconut chutney. The items mentioned above are just items that you will get for breakfast. If you go to a restaurant in noon time and ask for a proper lunch, you will get the biggest surprise of your life. Hold tour breath as waiter will bring to you a huge plate full of rice and side dishes. Such will be smell and aroma of the dishes that you probably won't think of the volume of the food and start filling up your stomach and after a while you will only think, the more the better. These are few of the dishes without which South Indian cuisine is incomplete.

Non-vegetarian food lovers too are going to have time of theirs lives. People of Tamil Nadu not only experiment with the veg. stuff, but they are equally enthusiastic about non veg. as well. The trials are carried out in this section as well and more often than not, they come up with the goods. Chettinad cuisine has become the unique feature of Tamil Nadu cuisine. Numerous varieties of fish, mutton, and chicken are served with that extra zing that makes them these dishes the best among the rest. Although you wouldn't want to miss out on any delicacy, but you just cannot afford to miss the special Chettinad pepper chicken which after having once, you will only crave for more.

Get Pampered with South Indian Delicacies

After you are done with the meal, we know that not much space would be left in your stomach, but make space for the irresistible 'Payasam'. Its a sweet dish made of milk that is served after the meals. Even here you will find uncountable number of varieties and each a touch above the earlier one. In early mornings and evenings, you can have the famous filter coffee, better known as 'Kappi here.' The cuisine of Tamil Nadu has made everyone who has tasted it, a huge admirer of itself. The count of varieties is numerous, the taste of each dish is exceptional, the cleanliness and hygiene are of the top level. All these features have made this cuisine one of the best in the world. So, come to Tamil Nadu and give your stomach and tongue a reason to smile. Buy a cook book from a book store and make it yourself in your home. Believe it, it is that easy and worth your time.


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