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"Explore the true charm of Chennai Tourist Places to Visit with Chennai Tourism. Chennai, 'The Queen of Coromandel' is a city with most delightful places to see. The Capital of Tamil Nadu, once a fishing village is now the fastest metropolitan city in the whole of India."
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Chennai Tourism

Marina Beach
Marina Beach

Chennai Tourist Places to Visit

Popularly known as the Gateway To South, Chennai is the most lively city in the whole of South There is a distinctive charm about the city that separates it from other big cities. The moment you set foot on this stunning part of South India with our Chennai tour packages, you will be captivated by the warmth in the hospitality of the people of Chennai. The capital of Tamil Nadu is also famous for the options that it provides in the domain of sightseeing. The city is saturated with buildings with their walls full of carvings. Visit the temples, and you are bound to find new definitions for spirituality and Purity. The beaches in the city are equally mesmerizing with Marina beach leading the way. So just Wander out into the city and you will experience how past heritage so remarkably blends into the present traditions.

Marina Beach

Marina beach is considered to be the jewel in the crown of Chennai. Adjacent to the Bay of Bengal, this ravishing piece of land is the second longest beach in the world. You will come across the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, MGR, Anna and many other great leaders when you take a walk along the Stretch of a distance of 4.5 km. Evenings on the beach are really colorful with many stalls lining up on the beach and a large number of enthusiastic tourist starting to show up.

What To See: The mesmerizing view of Sunset and Sunrise
What To Do: Take an evening walk on the beach side or just relax and soak the sun.

Fort St. George

Fort St. George is the first British fort in India in the year 1644. The construction of the fort started the activity of people settling around the fort and commencement of trade with other states. This is why it is said that Chennai (formerly Madras) started its evolution around this fort. The fort is a well sculpted citadel with a 6 meter wall that withstood a number of sieges in the 18th century. Today the fort renders its services as the administrative headquarters for the legislative assembly of Tamil Nadu. There is a

What To See: Museum that holds many relics from the days of Raj, including many portraits of the governors.


Kalakshetra is the apex institution for classical dance, music and the fine arts, established in 1936 which is the brainchild of Late. Rukmini Devi. A Proteges of Annie Besant, was deeply influenced by the progressive views of the Theosophical Society. She defied tradition by learning and performing the classical dasi attam, which was considered to be in the sphere of devdasis (Temple Dancers). Covering an area of 100-acre in Thiruvanmiyur in South Chennai, Kalakshetra has enrolled students from around the world who have the flair for learning the best. Over the years, Kalakshetra has been associated with the betterment of the ancient cultural traditions of India. The auditorium within the Kalakshetra is built according to the Natya Shastra. The institute also conducts research into works of several renowned Sanskrit scholars to stage dance productions, not only for Indian audiences but also for major world theaters.

Guindy National Park

Guindy National Park, is a major attraction for all true wildlife enthusiasts. It is situated on an area of 2.82 sq. km. The distinctive feature of this park is that it is actually located within a city, unlike all other national parks in the country. Among the birds seen here are - Yellow wattled lapwings, Partridges, Bulbuls, Babblers, Mynas, Cuckoos, Pittas and occasionally a Baza.

What To See: Black bucks, Bonnet Macaques,Spotted deer, Mongoose and Jackals.

Snake Park

Situated in the Guindy National park, Snake park has become a major attraction among the visiting school children but it also is a hit among visitors of all ages. It also has an interesting enclosure with four chameleons which are quite difficult to spot because more often than not, they stay hidden in the small bushes. The park also holds hourly lecture sessions to educate people about these wonders of wildlife. And specially for the daredevils, they will have the rare opportunity to handle snakes during these demonstrations.

What To See: Huge variety of snakes, venomous and non-venomous, small and huge turtles and tortoises, various species of Crocodiles, Caimans and Gharials.

Parthasarathi Temple

The temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is a creation of Pallavas in the 8th century. Although this is considered to be one of the oldest temples in the region but it definitely has the most visually appealing structure. The temple is spread over an area of 1.5 acres and is a Triplicane. The temple finds its mention in the ancient Vaishnavite works of Alwar saints and is one of the 108 sacred center of the Vaishnavites. Vaikunth ekadashi is the main festival celebrated in this temple. There are special prayers that are offered to the deity on every Saturday in the Month of Purattasi.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar temple is an ancient temple around 350 years old devoted to Lord Shiva. Situated at Mylapore, this temple is the biggest in the city. The structure of the temple is purely in Dravidian style and is a great example of their wizardry in architecture. Inside on the walls, you will find inscriptions which date back to 13th century. The gopuram in the center has carvings illustrating tales from Hindu Mythology and with a towering height of 37 meters, it has an impeccable presence. The Teppam festival(float festival) is an annual event which attracts a large number of devotees. The Paradosham Festival which is held after every two weeks is also a crowd Gatherer.

So if you are planning to visit the Southern India or somewhere even close, do not forget to explore the innumerable fantasies in Chennai that are waiting to mesmerize you and give you the time of your life on the journey of a lifetime


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