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"Situated close to capital city, Mangan has lured many tourists to its few but magical attractions. Often referred to as World Capital of Large Carfomom, Mangan provides its visitors with enchantingly pleasant climate enticing them to visit attractions like colorful Yumthang valley, Labrang Monastery and Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary again and again."
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Places to Visit in Mangan, Sikkim

Picturesque Yumthang Valley
Picturesque Yumthang Valley

Where Nature Comes In Its True Colors

Mangan is the district headquarters of North Sikkim and also the most beautiful town of the district. Mangan is at an average elevation of 956 meters above sea level and is nearly 65 km away from Gangtok the capital city. As more tourists came to Sikkim, Mangan easily cashed in on the tourism inflow with its splendid natural beauty. This also helped the economy of the town to develop. Mangan is also quite famous for the production of large cardamom. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as the world capital of large cardamom. Being not too high, the temperature here remains pleasant throughout the year, probably another reason why Mangan is favorite amongst tourists.

Attractions - Simply Magnificent

Mangan is covered with some of the most exquisite and interesting attractions that will find in Sikkim. Many of the places to visit are situated on the outskirts of Mangan or are few kilometers away from here in different parts of north Sikkim. There are important monasteries and then there are exceptional natural wonders that will mesmerize you to no limit.

Yumthang Valley

Situated at an altitude of 3575 m above sea level, Yumthang Valley is nearly 150 km from Gangtok. The valley is dotted with clear streams, snow covered peaks, lush green vast lands that make a tourist come here again and again. It is also called the valley of flowers, as during the spring season, numerous splendid flowers bloom in the valley lending infinite colors to the surrounding. If you wish to see the this multi hued sight, the best time to visit Yumthang Valley is during April and May. And if you wish to see snow covered valley, then prefer time between November and March. There is a natural hot spring here which is said to have medicinal values. Some tourist have claimed to have received relief after taking a bath here. It is also a grazing ground for large herds of yaks which is also a sight to behold.

Labrang Monastery

Labrang Monastery is unique in the sense that it is one monastery which still retains the its original structure and is not reconstructed after it was damaged. Most of the monasteries have been damaged by fire at some time in their past. It is today one of the most important monasteries in Sikkim. Since the structure is the same as that in the beginning, you will find the architecture to be slightly different from other monasteries. Labrang Monastery was build by Gyalshe Rigzing Chempa in the year 1814.

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is one of its kind in entire north east India as the main attraction here is not any animal but a type of tree. The entire sanctuary is filled with Rhododendron tree and there are nearly 40 species in the park. The park is surrounded by mountains and valleys from all sides which presents breathtaking views from the park. The Yumthang Chhu River flows through the park. The extremely rare Rhododendron tree is also the state tree. Serow, Goral, blood pheasant, common hill partridge, and endangered spotted linsang. The sanctuary is nearly 137 km from Gangtok.

Where To Stay In Mangan

Mangan is not as famous as Gangtok among tourists or business travelers. So you will not find any plush hotels like in the capital city here. Though there are ample hotels that you can choose for short term stay and there are few that are enough for long stays as well. Arcady inhouse, Paksam Hotel, Mount View Hotel are few of the hotels that you can consider.

Getting There

By Air

Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Mangan which is 190 Km from here. You can catch a bus or hire a taxi from the airport itself. Jet Airways and Indian Airlines are the main operators to Bagdogra.

By Rail

The nearest railhead is at New Jalpaiguri which is around 180 Km from here. There are number of buses from station to Mangan which will take nearly 6 hours to cover the distance. New Jalpaiguri station receives trains from all major cities of India.

By Road

Mangan is connected to capital city Gangtok by a all weather metaled highway. The distance between Gangtok and Mangan is nearly 65 Km. Buses ply regularly between Gangtok and Mangan.

Local Transport

Shared taxis are the major form of transportation in Mangan. There is efficient bus service as well inside the town.


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