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"Passed down to generation, the elegance of Sikkim Arts and crafts have only multiplied with ages. The rich culture and the Tibetan influence are clearly visible in the handicrafts items like Thnagka paintings, woolen carpets, and handlooms making them totally different from rest of the India handicrafts."
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Religious Painting In Sikkim
Religious Painting In Sikkim

Show of Skills From A Century

People of Sikkim seem to be born with exceptional skill required for craft making. You will find some of the most beautiful woolen items like woven woolen carpets and woolen blankets along with other items like Sikkimese motifs, and table called Choktse. From ages, craft items of Sikkim have generated a lot of market in India. However what is most heartening to see is that, today it is in great demand even in foreign countries. There are different communities in Sikkim and almost all possess expertise in at least one handicraft item. Another reason for so much popularity of Sikkimese item is the traditional method of production still employed. Development has definitely taken place in Sikkim, but the people of Sikkim prefer the olden ways as it more cheap, better quality and way more rewarding. And looking at the demand of Sikkim crafts products, it seems even buyers prefer the same way.

Woolen Carpets

Woolen Carpets are without a doubt the most famous offering to come out of Sikkim. It is also probably the oldest form of carpet weaving in the world. The carpets are really a treat to eyes as they created by using different colored wool. They are decorated with exquisite patterns depicting landscapes of snow clad mountains or flowering valleys. Floral motifs are also quite popular among the people here. You will also see styles taken from Buddhist Iconography and geometrical patterns. There are few privately run institutes as well that teaches the traditional method of carpet weaving.

Wooden Carvings

The best place to witness the skill of Sikkimese people in wood carving are the many monasteries in Sikkim. From top to bottom, there is lavish use of carved wood in these monasteries. The wood in the monasteries are engrossed with symbols and icons from Buddhism. You can also get a glimpse of wood work in Sikkim during the many dance performances that are a inseparable part of people here. The masks that are worn by the performers are generally made of woods, notice the intricate decorations done on the masks. Another well known wooden product from Sikkim that is famous all over India is Choktse tables. They are foldable tables which are around 2 feet in height and has some beautiful designs made on the all sides.

Thangka Painting

Thangka Paintings were and still are an item of reverence among the people of Sikkim. There are generally three types of thangkas all of which are spiritual in nature. The first type shows scenes from the life of Lord Buddha, the other depicting general belief of Buddhist people about life and the third kind of paintings are used for meditation and as an offering to gods. Thangkas are generally made on cotton canvas with vegetable dyes as colors. Earlier, thangkas were made only by monks and priests. But today it has spread to many more communities. To see the best of thangkas, one has to visit the monasteries which are literally a treasure chest for thangkas.


Sikkim stays cold for most part of the year and people generally wear woolen clothes. People of Sikkim save a lot on wool and money by designing the old and used woolen blanket into bags, shawls, jackets and many dolls. You will be amazed to see the fashion that young generation of Sikkim sport. Not only are they up to date with fashion industry, you can spot some uniquely fashionable clothings. Government has opened some cottage industries in the state to promote and help people grow in hand looms.

Handicraft products from Sikkim are gaining recognition and accolades from all parts of the world. And this fame and popularity seems to have encouraged the craftsmen of Sikkim even more. Come to Sikkim to witness people of Sikkim create magic of olden days with skills of today.


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