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"Another Island Palace in the serene Lake Pichola with loads of beauty and historical importance. Spend some time exploring this pristine beauty amidst the shimmering water of Lake Pichola and carry back a memory for life."
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Jag Mandir Hotels in Udaipur Travel Guide

Jag Mandir Palace,  Udaipur
Jag Mandir Palace - Udaipur

About Jag Mandir Palace

Lake Pichola is home to another famous island, the Jag Mandir Island which lies on its southern edge. The construction of a palace on this island was begun by Maharana Karan Singh II of the Udaipur. He ruled the region between the period of 1620-28 and it was during his reign that prince Khurram (later Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan) revolted against his father, Jehangir and left his kingdom. Maharana Karan Singh provided prince Khurram, his family (wife Mumtaz and sons Dara and Aurangzeb) and his men a safe refuge in the City Palace, however, when the nobles failed to adhere to the Rajput customs, Karan Singh moved them to the Jag Mandir Palace which was still under construction. After the death of Karan Singh in 1928, his son Jagat Singh was crowned the Maharana and he added more structures to the island palace.

The historical importance of the Jag Mandir Palace doesn't end here. During the 1857 sepoy mutiny in India, Maharana Swaroop Singh provided a number of European families and refuges from Neemuch, specially women and children, a safe place to stay in this island palace.

For tourists, the Jag Mandir Palace is a marvellous place to spend some beautiful moments. It is also heartening to note that the architecture of the world famous Taj Mahal draws a bit of its inspiration from the pietra dura work of this island palace. A sunrise and the sunset view is the ultimate sight to enjoy from the Jag Mandir Island.

Inside the Palace

The Jag Mandir Palace is a three storyed structure built of yellow sandstone and marble slabs. The Gul Mahal is the prime attraction of this island palace since this is the place where prince Khurram stayed. Karan Singh built this structure keeping in mind the Islamic style. The pavilion is adorned with Muslim crescent and the interiors are richly decorated. A throne was specially built out of a single block of serpentine for the use of Khurram, however today, the throne is conspicuous by its absence. A mosque was constructed to enable the royal guests of the Maharana offer his prayers.

Eight lifesize white marble elephants facing towards the Lake Palace are another highlight of the Jag Mandir Palace. Protecting its boat ramp and the entrance, they seem to stand as a custodian of the island palace. Other eye catching beauties in the palace is the courtyard decorated with black and white tiles; gardens with lovely roses, palm trees, jasmine bushes, frangipanni trees and bougainvillea; Bara Patharon ka Mahal built of twelve solid marble slabs; Kunwar Pada ka Mahal or the palace of Crown prince and the Zenana chambers. There is also the Darikhana Restaurant which was opened by Arvind Singh Mewar in the year 2001 to host lavish parties.


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