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Shekhawati Rajasthan Essential Travel Guide

Shekhawati  Haveli
Shekhawati Haveli


Though tourists on a lookout for modern shopping malls will invariably end up disappointed in the Shekhawati region. This, however, does not indicate that there is nothing that tourists can shop for in the Shekhawati region. Infact, Shekhawati region is quiet known for its handicraft works.

Apart from the low legged Shekhawati chair that is hugely famous, other items of interest are wood carving, metal utensils, made -as-old furniture, and tie-dye fabrics.

Individually looking, Mukundgarh is known for beautiful textiles, brass and iron scissors; Mandawa for bangles and fabrics and Ramgarh for wooden craft and furnitures. Tourists can also carry back traditional mural paintings on clth and papaer as decorative items for their home.

Getting There

By Air

The Sanaganer Airport at Jaipur is the closest one from the Sheklhawati region. The airport is well connected to other destinations within and outside the state.

By Rail

The Shekhawati region has numerous railheads like Jhunjhunu, Dundlod-Mukudgarh and Nawalgarh. The three railheads are the best base to explore Mandawa and its surrounding areas. The The Shekhawati Express and the Jaipur-Lohari Express connects all the three station to Jaipur and Delhi.

By Road

Shekhawati lies within the angle formed by NH-8(Jaipur- Delhi) and NH-11(Jaipur-Bikaner). Some important road distances from the Shekhawati region are Sikar - Delhi :299 km, Sikar - Jaipur :114 km, Sikar - Jhunjhunu :70 km, Jhunjhunu - Delhi : 251 km, Jhunjhunu - Jaipur :182 km, Jhunjhunu - Bikaner : 230 km, Jhunujhunu - Churu : 52 km, Sikar- Ladnu: 90 km and Sikar - Churu : 90 km.


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