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"A land dominated by an enormous fort and a wildlife sanctuary - Ranthambore is a must visit for all those who desire to undertake a tour to Rajasthan, India."
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Tiger in Ranthambore Park, Rajasthan
Tiger in Ranthambore Park

Ranthambore, the name itself inspires awe in the hearts of many! With a famous National Park, an impressive fort and an art school, Ranthambore offers the best of both human and animal world.

The anecdotes and legends that associate themselves with the fort are typical of Rajasthan history. Legends fondly narrate how two princes prayed Lord Shiva to restore their hunt (a wild boar that had jumped into a lake) and the Lord agreed only on the condition that a fort dedicated to him be built at the sight. The legend seems little unbelievable in the face of Ganesh's immense popularity amongst the devotees. Lord Ganesh is still highly revered and receives numerous invitations of marriages! A more real anecdote describes how foreign invasion led to the first ever mass suicide of Rajasthan in this fort even though victory was only a step ahead.

The park is one of the earliest to be included in the Project Tiger. Its history boasts of royal as well as foreign guests like Queen and Prince Phillip. The Duke of Edinburg too enjoyed a shooting a large tiger in this park. Though facing a persistent problem of poaching, the park has maintained a healthy population of the big cats. Its greenery and rich wildlife have attracted many a visitors from all around. The pristine lakes nearby and open sky above have an ineluctable charm that bind tourists to the place for ever.

The school of art here reflects the importance of above two in the region with its myriad sketches and colours. The school encourages a cognizance in the mind of residents and tourists about the significance of nature around.

In all, the aura of Ranthambore is adorable and undeniable.

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