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"The only significant temple dedicated to the Creator of Universe, Lord Brahma, the Pushkar Brahma Temple commands immense respect from devotees. Visit this temple during your Rajasthan trip to bow your head before the Jagat Pita."
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Jagat Pita Shri Brahma temple Pushkar

Brahma Temple, Pushkar
Brahma Temple- Pushkar

About Pushkar Brahma Temple

Though Brahma, the Creator of the Universe, is one of the Gods of the Hindu Trinity, yet his importance has virtually diminished in the hearts of the Hindus of India. This is so because respect for Brahma has been beclouded by the respect for Vishnu (preserver of Universe) and Shiva (destroyer of universe). Having created the universe, the work of Brahma is considered completed, though that of Shiva and Vishnu is still continuing. As such both these Gods command more respect from the people.

There is another reason, or perhaps a belief, associated with this diminishing value of Lord Brahma. Mythical legend has it that Brahma once decided to perform a yagna and for this he needed a place on earth. He was on his search for a place when the lotus flower in his hand fell off and landed in Pushkar. Hence, he announced Pushkar as the venue for the yagna (Pushp means flower while kar means hand). However, unfortunately, his wife Savitri was not present with him at that point of time. Due to this Brahma married a local maid, Gayatri who completed the formalities of Yagna with him. When Savitri arrived at the spot and discovered Gayatri, she was infuriated. She cursed Brahma that Pushkar would be the only place where he will be worshipped by his devotees in future.

The Brahma Temple in Pushkar, being the only one in the country dedicated to the Creator of Universe, as such has great significance amongst the devotees. Thousands of devotees visit this shrine every year to pray before Lord Brahma. Though there are numerous other temples dedicated to different Gods in Pushkar, yet the place is more renowned as the abode of Brahma.

The Brahma Temple

The Pushkar Brahma Temple is located on the banks of the Pushkar Lake. The temple was originally built in the 14th century and stands on a raised platform. Marble steps lead upto the temple that has a red spire and an image of Hans, the vehicle of Lord Brahma, on the top of the main doorway to distinguish it from numerous other temples nearby.

A lovely silver carved turtle can be seen sitting with its face towards the sanctum sanctorum. The black and white chequered tiles floor around the turtle is full of silver coins donated by the devotees with their name and the birth and death anniversary date of their loved ones engraved on it.

The four headed image of Lord Brahma is in a cross legged position with Savitri on his right and Gayatri on the left side.

The temple becomes specially important during the Kartika Purnima in the months of October- November. This is the time when the sleepy town of Pushkar comes alive with the joyous Pushkar festival. It is also the time which marks the period during which Brahma performed his Yagna in Pushkar. Numerous people with deep faith in their hearts take a holy dip in the water of Pushkar Lake and bow their head before the Jagat Pita, Lord Brahma.


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