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"A name that invokes beauty and faith - Pushkar is definitely not to be missed during a Rajasthan tour."
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Pushkar, India - Travel Guide, Info and Bookings

Pushkar City, Rajasthan
Pushkar City

Myths and legends float throughout India and Pushkar is no exception. The holy lake here is believed to have appeared miraculously when a lotus flower fell off from the hands of Brahma. The name itself draws from the flower that fell off - Puspa meaning flower and kar meaning hand. But legends do not end here. The story also has inputs from Goddess Savitri, wife of Brahma. After all, it was she who made Pushkar the land of Brahma, the only place where he was to be worshipped by future generations.

Pushkar today is an esteemed religious destination for Hindus and Brahma highly venerated god here. Around 400 temples and 52 bathing ghats make other attractions of the city appear dwarfish. The nights do not have just stars to sparkle up the atmosphere, rather there are deep rooted faith in the hearts of devotees that makes this place radiate with unparalled charm.

The Pushkar fair is a riot of colours, especially red and yellow. Turbans, lehangas and dupattas seem to fill the entire atmosphere with bright enthusiasm. The atmosphere is charged up as if the accumulated enthusiasm of the people throughout the year has finally found expression. It is a time when tribals, general tourists and filmakers from all over the world make a beeline for Pushkar. Giving them company are thousands of camels, horses, goats and sheep. And behold! they come completely decked up and walk with a panache that eludes even the most confident person around. No wonder, they are the celebrities of this fair.

Explore Pushkar, a small place on foot or on a bicycle. Some really good experience lay hidden in this mystical town.

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Jagat Pita Brahma Temple
Pushkar Fair
Varaha Temple
Savitri Temple
Aptaeshwar Temple
Raghunath Temples
Pushkar Lake
Nag Pahar

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