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"Not amongst the hot spot of Rajasthan, yet a tour to Nagaur promises to be worthwhile. Its rich history and culture have binding effect on the tourists."
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Monuments in Nagaur

Naguar's history is both interesting and unique to tourists who are more used to hearing the courage and sacrifice of the Rajput clan of Rajasthan. Nagaur was originally inhabited by the Naga Rajputs and was known as Acichhatrapur, the capital of Jangledesh. It was later ruled by the Chauhan and Muslim rulers.

Despite this, Nagaur would not have found its distinct place in history had it not been for its hot tempered ruler, Amar Singh. The story goes that Amar Singh was an irrepressible personality who refused to bow before his father and was hence ousted from his own kingdom of Jodhpur. He shook hands with the Mughals, who though respected his father, Gaj Singh, still realised that Amar Singh could be a boon for them during wars. Shah Jahan, famous Mughal Emperor gave him Nagaur as an independent fief and a title of Rao as a recognition of his bravery.

However, soon after, a catastrophic event shook the bond that was developing. Amar Singh, without informing remained absent from the royal court for a considerable time period and when summoned by the emperor to give an explanation for his unruly behaviour (he had also refused to pay the fine imposed on him for his behaviour), he attacked the king himself. The subsequent event that followed saw the death of Amar Singh.

Notwithstanding the story, the people of Nagaur still hail Amar Singh as a hero who had the courage to stand up to protest against the power of the great Mughal rulers. The respect for Amar Singh is still evident when incence sticks are lighted at his cenotaph.

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