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"The wondorous cities and regions of Rajasthan await to unfold their glorious past combined with their lively present before the tourists on their Rajasthan tour."
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Jai Mahal Jaipur, Rajasthan
Jai Mahal Jaipur- Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of chivalry and romance, treasures a rich history in its books. Its cities and regions, draped in myriad hues, are its prime attractions. Each has its own gripping historical chronicle to narrate and a fascinating legend to enhance its mystic appeal. The Rajas and other nobles, who not only inhabited it but also founded it, led a life that was both opulent and had a dream like element deeply imbued in it. These Rajas were the patrons of art and architecture and had the safety of their city as the top most priority, as such, they built numerous forts and palaces to fulfil their needs. Today, the cities & regions of Rajasthan still keep the legacy of the erstwhile Maharajas close to their heart and bare it very gracefully before a visiting tourists.

Step into these cities & regions and very smoothly transcend the barriers of time to find yourself in that earlier era - an era marked by royal grandeur. Inspect the forts to discover the meticulous details that were taken into consideration to lay a good protective coverage for the city; amble in the palaces to feel proud of the skills of the workmen who put in much of effort to create the magnificent interiors and take a look at the royal relics in the museums to strengthen your appreciation for the city's rich past.

And if after all this, you feel the urge to come back to the present and discover a more contemporary life, head out straight towards the streets. It is here that the life of Rajasthan cities and regions is seen at its best. Customers haggling with shop owners to get a better deal on their buy; autorickshaws, tongas, cars and bicycle moving at a convenient (and sometimes not so convenient) pace to reach their destinations; people halting before the roadside food vendors and relishing the taste of sweets and snacks; some new arrival trying to locate their way with the help of maps and guides - scenes like this are plain abundant and alluringly earthy.

Some of the interior regions of Rajasthan have their own distinctive charm. They do not have huge forts and palaces, but they do have colourful painted havelis. They do not have crowded streets, but they do have the pleasant ambience of tranquility. They do not have flat motorabl roads but they do have charming sand dunes where the ship of the desert roams around easliy. These regions, in essence, present the life of the common people of the state in greater detail.

Visit these cities and regions on your Rajasthan tour and carry back memory for life.

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