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"Bhanwar Niwas Palace, as a Heritage Hotel, offers its guests a regal stay during their Bikaner tourism trip in Rajasthan. The erstwhile mansion of the nobles, today, welcomes its guests with open arms."
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Bhanwar Niwas Palace

Bhanwar Niwas Palace Bikaner, Rajsathan
Bhanwar Niwas Palace- Bikaner

About Bhanwar Niwas Palace

The desert city of Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan is one of those destinations that captivates the imagination of the visitors almost instantly. With its imposing forts, royal palaces and opportunities for exciting camel safari expeditions, Bikaner converts the vacation of any tourists into a vibrant one.

The old palaces or mansions of the city, specially are huge attraction. The Bhanwar Niwas palace is one of these palaces. Originally, a mansion built in the year 1927 by Bhanwarlalji Rampuria, the Bhanwar Niwas palace is a magnificent red sandstone building reflecting a wonderful blend of Indian and European style.

Today, the palace has been converted into a heritage hotel.

Bhanwar Niwas as a Heritage Hotel

Bhanwar Niwas Palace as as Heritage Hotel offers its guests a tranquility that is heartening. The palace hotel might not be as big as some of the best heritage hotels of Rajasthan, yet there is no lacking of the royal feeling that presents itself in every thing you see and do.

The Bhanwar Niwas palace, as a heritage hotel, unveils before its guests the glorious past with remarkable ease. There is a doorman at the gate and a Buick dating back to the time when the mansion itself was built. The Buick, at the very outset, seems to beckon the guests to get ready for a ride back into the royal era. A stay in the Bhanwar Niwas Palace Hotel is definitely a memory to cherish for life.

Facilities on Offer

Inside, the grand mansion hotel offers its guests 25 rooms for the purpose of accommodation. The rooms are each different from the other though a few things remain common in all - high ceilings, Belgian tiled bathrooms with huge tub and not to forget antique furnitures. Make use of these furnitures and feel yourself transported to an entirely different era.

The public rooms at the ground floor like the Little Drawing room and the Blue Drawing room are extremely lavish. The Dining Hall boasts of flower paintings that were personally made on the walls by the owner of the mansion. Admire the colours of the paintings while feasting on the vegetarian delicacies offered. The vegetarian items to choose from are not just restricted to Indian cuisine, rather Continental and Chinese cuisine also make brilliant alternatives.

Recreational facilities ensure that the guests get the best of both the traditional and modern era. Sipping in a cup of warm coffee brought specially from the 24 hours coffee shop, guests can either relax in the beautiful Blue Drawing room or listen to the music concert every evening in the brilliant courtyard. There is also a cloth bound book called An Indian Miscellany of Wise Nuggets for those who wish to catch up on the writings of a senior member of the Rampuria family.


The Bhanwar Niwas Palace is at a convenient distance of 2 km from the Railway Station and 1km from the Bus Stand. Nearest Airport is in Jodhpur which 250 km away.


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