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"Ajmer's importance as a pilgrimage site is undeniable. However, there are other aspects of Ajmer as well that contribute to make it a tourists destination. Visit Ajmer during your Rajasthan tour to find out these aspects."
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Ajmer Tourism

Ajmer City, Rajasthan
Ajmer city

Ensconced in the famous Aravalli ranges, Ajmer exudes bustling life with its engaged market places and moving (and obstructed) traffic. One specific street sells just silver items!

A religious place with a famous dargah of a pious Muslim saint, Ajmer is known to fulfil the wishes of many a disheartened soul. The qawwalis at the dargah on Thursday and Friday nights (and also during Urs festival ) inspires the spirit of devotees and tourists like never before. The history of city reveals changing of ruling dynasties, from Chauhan Rajputs to Ghoris, Mughals and finally British.

The city has numerous other attractions in store for tourists. The famous Mayo college established by British had the Maharaja of Alwar as its first student. The Maharaja arrived in a true royal style, seated on an elephant and followed by a whole fleet of servants, trumpeteers and not to forget camels and horses! One remarkable example of the countless eccentricities of the Maharajas and Nawabs of India.

Ajmer also provides a good base for a day visit to Pushkar. Infact, the city provides shelter (whatever little facility it has) to considerable number guests during the highly famous Pushkar festival.

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Dargah Ajmer Sharief
Mayo College
Ana Sagar Lake
Adhai Din Ka Jhopra
Nasiyan (Red Temple)
Akbar's Palace
Taragarh Fort
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