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"Orissa cuisine has its own flavour and authenticity. Preparation of dishes is considered as an art in Orissa rather than a job. Sea food is the specialty of the people here which has been ranked among the best sea foods in the world. Oriya Cuisine of Orissa too is fast becoming the matter in everybody's mouth and heart."
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Orissa Cuisine Guide

Delicious Orissa Thali
Delicious Orissa Thali

Cuisines of Orissa - Unfailingly Delicious

The tastes that you will get here will be something that you would always wish to keep on the tip of your tongue. Cuisine of Orissa has some simple yet temptingly delicious dishes, which will make your mouth water just by their aroma. Rice is the staple food of Orissa. Numerous other food grains and vegetables are used in most of the dishes. But what makes it different from the dishes of the same region is the use of variety of spices and the way they use it. The people of Orissa are simply great at experimenting with their dishes. And this has lead to some splendid dishes that have earned accolades in outside states as well. Vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are in balance and one can have the taste of both. Orissa turns into a paradise for food lovers during the festival season.

Vegetarian Delights

Rice is used in almost all vegetarian dishes of Orissa. Various spices give the dishes different tastes. The cooking of the dishes is simple and this lets the dishes retain their nourishment. The major vegetarian dishes are Jeera Pakhala, Bhendi Bhaja, Aalu palak saag and Kadali Bhaja. A typical vegetarian meal in Orissa contains of a main course and a desert. Rice and dal (lentil) form the major portion with many side dishes. There are one or more curries along with a pickle. The main course itself will fill you to the brim, but you still have a sweet dish to go, so make some space in your stomach so as to satisfy your heart.

Non Vegetarian Special

It won't be wrong to say that non vegetarian food is the specialty of Orrisan people. Here You will get all the dishes like mutton curry, chicken masala, chilli chicken, that you probably would have tasted someplace as well. It is for you to decide whether the taste is same as at all place else or way better. But what sets the Non-veg. of Orissa apart and miles ahead is the variety of seafood. Dishes made of prawns, crabs and fishes are the most famous among the locales as well as outsiders. The main delicacies are Machha Curry, Prawn Malai Curry, Crab Kalia and Chilli Fish.

Sweet Dishes - Sweet Tooth Delight

When we talk about a cuisine, sweet dishes form an indispensable part of it. Especially in Orissa, where people are so much fond of sweet dishes. Sweet dishes of Orissa have been liked by people from across the country. Most of the sweet dishes here are milk preparation with various ingredients like chhenna (cottage cheese), coconut, rice, and wheat flour. Dishes that are favorites among many are Chhenna Jalebi, Enduri Pitha and Chittau Pitha. These dishes are also considered as festival specials as they are made in huge quantity during all the major festivals.

With the variety and flavors that Orissa cuisine offers, everyone must have a first hand experience of it. Be it vegetarian or non vegetarian, few are places that provide you with so many dishes, each class apart from the rest. Visit the famous restaurants of Orissa that cater to you all delicious dishes of Oriya cuisine.


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