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"The small island town of Omkareshwar is considered one of the holiest places in India. The presence of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas has made Omkareshwar as the most visited pilgrimage destination in Madhya Pradesh. Nestling at the confluence of Narmada and Kaveri river, Omkareshwar is a picturesque town, ready to take all your worries and fatigue out of your soul."
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Omkareshwar Tourism

Omkareshwar Temple - Omkareshwar
Omkareshwar Temple - Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar - Blessed Lands

Situated in the center of Madhya Pradesh, Omkareshwar sits pretty at the union of Narmada river and Kaveri river. The island derives its name from the holiest Hindu symbol 'Om'. The island has two soaring mountains which are divided by a steep valley. The division is in such a way that the shape of island resembles the shape of 'Om' when seen from above. The place is a must visit for any devotee of Lord Shiva as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas is present here in the Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple. Nature also has been quite generous on Omkareshwar. On the south and eastern side of the island there are cliffs of over 150 m that perfectly compliments the architectural charm of the many temples.

Being on the banks of a river, the climate here is generally pleasant, though the temperature can be a bit high during peak summers. Shopping is a major activity that you can indulge in here. An array of shops line the streets around the temples. You can buy locally made handicrafts and many religious items too.

Attractions - Small Is Beautiful

Most attractions on this small island are temples of olden time. The most important temple in the city is Shri Omkar Mandhata. The island is considered a sacred place as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas is consecrated here. The city is also very scenic as it is situated on the confluence of Narmada and Kaveri river.

Shri Omkar Mandhata

Shri Omkar Mandhata is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is one of the most important temples devoted to Lord Shiva as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas has been consecrated here. The structure of the temple is built of local soft sandstone. Since sandstone could easily be carved on, you will see numerous intricate carvings on the walls of. The temple is situated on an island which is one mile in length and half a mile in width. The temple is surrounded by verandahs which are as beautifully carved as the outside walls.

Siddhanath Temple

Siddhanath Temple have been a part of this region since medieval times. They are the perfect illustrations of Brahminic architecture in those times. The main attraction of the temples is its entrance itself. There are two carved structures of elephants on a stone slab.

Kajal Rani Cave

Located amidst the wide stretches of swirling landscape, Kajal Rani Caves are around 9 km away from Omkareshwar. The surrounding area of the cave is extremely picturesque and offers an option to relax in nature's lap. The caves are a major tourist attraction, therefore reaching the place is not at all a problem.

Where To Stay

Omkareshwar has nothing to boast about when it comes to stay options. Not many hotels are there in the city and the luxurious one are almost nil. You will have to settle for budget accommodation that offer basic facilities. You can even opt for guest houses or Dharamshalas. Narmada Resort, Holkar Guest House, and Yatrika Guest House are the good ones in the city.

Getting There

By Air

Nearest airport is at Indore which is around 77 km away from here. You can take a bus or hire a cab to get here in around 2 hrs.

By Rail

Omkareshwar railhead is the nearest station from here at a distance of 12 km. Hiring a taxi is the best way of commuting from station to the Omkareshwar city center.

By Road

There are regular buses in and out of Omkareshwar to all major cities of Madhya Pradesh.

Local Transport

You will find good number of buses and taxis running in the city. Taxis are the better option.

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