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"Nestling on the banks of holy Narmada River, Maheshwar a small town of Madhya Pradesh is full of architectural wonders. The temples and ghats in the city give Maheshwar town different hues of the bygone era. Present from the time of Mahabarata and Ramayana, this historical town has a rich history still resonating from the many temples that shine on the face of this city."
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Maheshwar Tourism

Mahakleshwar Temple
Mahakleshwar Temple, Maheshwar

Maheshwar - The Timeless Elegance

This is one of the most picturesque cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Located in Khargone District, it is situated on the banks of Narmada River. The city is famous as the place ruled by the legendary queen Maharani Ahilya Bai, the ruler of Holkar dynasty. The history of Maheshwar dates back to more than 4000 years back. The city also finds a mention in Mahabharta and Ramayana as well but the name of the city in these epics is 'Mahishmati'. Akbar built the fort after he came into power in the year 1601. In the late eighteenth century, Maharani Ahilya Bai took over as the queen of Holkar Dynasty. She transformed this riverside city into a peaceful and prosperous land when the rest of India was facing an uneasy time. She built many temples and buildings that still lend the city the aura of times of yore. The Ghats of the city, named after the dynasties like Peshwa Ghat, Fanase Ghat, Ahilya Ghat are another feature that give Maheshwar a distinctive look. Experience the real life of rural India, moving past you at a leisurely pace.

Maheshwar is considered the cosmopolitan capital of Madhya Pradesh. It has one of India's best handloom industries. The cotton saris, which are woven and designed here, are famously called as Maheshwari Saris and are among the finest in India. Do not forget to buy yourself one of these magnificent pieces of textile art. The temperature in the city generally remains on the pleasant side and can be visited any time of the year.

Attractions - A Pack of Marvels

Maheshwar is famous for the Fort and the many temples that adorn the face of this resplendent town. Maheshwar is full of natural beauty that accompanies the man made wonders to create a city perfect for tourists.

Maheshwar Fort

The Fort is the most visited attraction in the city. The magnificent fort houses an archaeological museum that displays antiques and different possessions of Holkar Dynasty. The main attraction of the fort is the life-size statue of Rani Ahilyabai seated of the throne. The festival of Dusshera is special in the fort as procession carrying a small shrine is taken down the fort for public viewing.

Temples of Maheshwar

Temples of Maheshwar are famous for the unique overhanging balconies. Like temples of olden times in many parts of India, temples here also have intricately crafted walls. And the one thing that will capture your attention will be the exceptionally carved doorway that welcomes you to the world of history. Kaleshwara Temple, Rajarajeshwara Temple, Akhileshwara Temple and Vithaleshwara Temple are the most known temples of the area.

Navdatoli- Archaeological Site

Situated just outside Maheshwar, Navdatoli is an archaeological site that was discovered in the 1950. In the early stages of excavation, painted pottery and microliths were found. But as they dug deeper, it was confirmed that people of many cultures from Lower Paleolithic period till 18th century have resided here. Structures of washed away houses have also been found that tells us that a big flood would have struck this area.


You will not find many luxurious places to stay here. Most of the hotels here are budget and provide only basic facilities. Many of them are located close to the tourist attractions in the city. Narmada Resort is the better best known of all.

Getting There

By Air

Nearest airport is at Indore which is around 91 km away from here. It takes around 3 hrs to cover this distance.

By Rail

Barwaha is the closest railhead but not all trains have a halt here. Indore at a distance of 91 km is the nearest major station.

By Road

Buses from all major cities of Madhya Pradesh frequent Maheshwar. Interstate buses also start from here.

Local Transport

Taxis are the best way of exploring the city. Buses are also available inside Maheshwar.

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