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"A vast expanse of unrivaled charm and thrills is how Kanha National Park is seen. Laden with many mysteries of elusive nature, Kanha national Park is the last home of the ravishing Barasinghas. The majestic tigers that evoke fear and poetry alike in the heart of humans is the main attraction of the park."
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Kanha Wildlife Tourism

Tiger - Kanha National Park
Tiger - Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park - The World of Wildlife

Kanha is home to the magical land of wildlife that stores numerous precious gems of nature. Situated in the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is a small and satisfied town. The town is most famous for the Kanha national Park which is a world of its own. Considered among the best national park in Asia, it is home to few of the most endangered species. Nicely covered by lush Sal and bamboo forests, the park became an inspiration for the famous writer Rudyard Kipling to write the unforgettable Jungle Book that gave life to 'Sher Khan', the king of the jungle. The park is spread in an area of around 940 sq. km. It is a major part of Project Tiger. The area was established as a sanctuary in the year 1933 but was recognized as a national park only in the year 1955. Since Project Tiger was introduced here, the population of the tiger has doubled. Even the rare Barasingha were on the brink of extinction before the authorities woke up and took serious steps. Their population once slid to 66 from around 3000, but now, the number has increased to around 1000.

Wildlife Attractions

The main attraction of the park is without a doubt the King of the Jungle, Tiger. Many flock to this one of a kind national park to get a glimpse of this beautiful animal. And to come near this magnificent beast, and that too in his own lair is really a heart stopping experience. The other main attraction in the park is the Barasingha. You might see a tiger in many other national parks, but you will definitely not see a Barasingha anywhere else, as this is their only home. So its better to take a good look at them here itself. The best time to have a look at them is during the rutting season when the big and bold males fight with each other to win over their females. The season begins in the last week of December and continuous till the middle of January. If you by chance don't get to see any of them, don't get disappointed. To compensate that loss, there are more than 300 varieties of birds, both migratory and resident.

Jungle Safaris

The best way to explore Kanha National Park is by taking a jeep safari or an elephant safari. The jeep safaris are organized in mornings and afternoons. You can hire a jeep for the purpose from MPTDC office. Elephant safari is the other splendid way. Although you can opt for an elephant safari, only if you enlist yourself for the tiger show which are held in the mornings. This is an arranged encounter with the tiger in which a wild cat is kept track of, and its position is communicated to your mahout who drives you to the place where the tiger is present. Though only a put up show, but the excitement of facing the king in his court is always there.

Staying Option

To cover the entire length of Kanha National Park, one requires at least 3-4 days. And for staying you can count on the many jungle resort that are there in and around the national park. Only the state run hotel is inside the park premises. All other resorts are situated in the nearby villages. Most of the Jungle resorts provide facilities of Jungle Safaris along with a guide. They also organize barbecue dinners and folk dance performances by local tribals.

Travel Tips for Kanha National Park

Kanha National park is best visited during the months of November to April. The temperature in this season is the most pleasant and hovers around mid 20s for most of the day. The timing for entry also differs according to the season. From 15th November to 15th February, morning session is from sunrise till 12 noon and evening session is from 3 PM till sunset. From 16th February to 30th April, morning sessions is from sunrise till 12 noon and evening session is from 4 PM till sunset. From 1st May till 30th June, morning sessions are from sunrise till 11 AM and evening sessions are from 5 PM till sunset. The Park is closed from 1st July till mid November due to heavy monsoons. Do not wear loud colors while on safari as they make our jungle friends a bit uncomfortable and turns them away. Thus making a sighting a bit tough.

Beauty of this national park cannot be captured just by mere words. One has to experience it all right in front of his eyes to soak in the real colors of the nature and its residents. So come to Kanha National Park and get glimpses of the most awe inspiring and roaring wonders of the nature.

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