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"Gwalior, the once capital of Scindias is one of the most visited cities of Madhya Pradesh. Famous for its historical Gwalior Fort, ancient temples and palaces the Gwalior City has earned worldwide recognition. Explore the many masterpieces of the bygone era of Gwalior to experience the royalty and glory of erstwhile maharajas of Madhya Pradesh."
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Jaivilas Palace, Gwalior
Jaivilas Palace, Gwalior

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Gwalior - Walking Alongside History

Situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh, around 321 km from Delhi, Gwalior holds a special position in the chapter of Indian history. Gwalior got its name from a famous saint Gwalipa who cured the Kachwaha clan chieftain from Leprosy. The history of Gwalior dates back to 8th century. Due to its position right between north India and south India, the city was captured many times by different dynasties like Tomars, Lodhis, Mughals and Marathas to gain power of this strategic location. Many battles have been fought on this soil and numerous heroes have been lost here. This princely state still retains its royalty with Scindias having their dynastic seat here. This city now is seen as a symbol of valor, strength, and glory. You can visit this state at any time of the year however October to March season is the best. Summers in the city are a bit harsh as the temperature can easily sore above the 40 C mark. Similarly the winters here are a bit nippy with temperature dropping to single digits regularly.

The city is quite famous for the Tansen Music Festival that is held here every year in the month of November and December. Many renowned prodigies of classical music perform here attracting huge number of music lovers. The festival takes place at the famous Tansen Memorial. When you are exploring the charms of Gwalior, shop for exquisite handicrafts and antique showpieces that are great memorabilia to take home. There are many government run shops inside the Gwalior fort as well which offer a huge variety.

Attractions - Showing off Glory

History itself is the main attraction in Gwalior. Every monument, every structure speaks about the ages that they have survived and events that they have stood witness to. Gwalior fort is the best example of historical monument which is now one of the most celebrated forts in India. There are many grand palaces and museums as well that makes Gwalior an interesting tourist destination.

Major Attraction of the City
Gwalior Fort

Other Attractions of the City

Teli Ka Mandir

This magnificent temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Built in 9th century, the temple is one of the oldest temples in Madhya Pradesh. Situated in Gwalior Fort, the temple is more than 100 feet high making it the highest building in the fort. The structure perfectly embodies architectural styles of Dravidians and Indo-Aryans. The roof of the temple is built in Dravidian style whereas the walls and the decorations on it are predominantly Indo-Aryan. Like in other temples built in the same era, there are no mandapams or pillared halls in this temple, which is quite surprising.

Jai Vilas Palace

Jai Vilas Palace has turned out to be a great landmark for Gwalior City. This magnificent palace currently serves as a residence to the Scindia Family. The Palace from both inside and outside gives us a peek into the luxurious lifestyle of royal people in India. The structure of Jai Vilas Palace is Italianate to which, Tuscan and Corinthian architectural style add extra grandeur. The Durbar hall inside the palace is the main attraction. There are two mammoth chandeliers on the ceiling of this spacious room that weigh a couple of tonnes. Before they were on the ceiling, 10 elephants were used to examine the strength of the roof.

Other attraction of the palace are a silver train with cut glass wagons which served guests as it moved around on miniature rails on the table. The Scindia Museum also showcases swords worn by Aurangazeb and Shah Jehan, jeweled slippers of Chinkoo rani and many personal momentoes of Scindia Family. This 35-room museum is open on all days except on Mondays from 10 AM to 5 PM


Gwalior is a big city and you will find ample of budget as well as luxury hotels inside the city. Budget hotels in the city cater to all the basic needs of travelers with good care and cleanliness whereas luxury hotels have a range of recreational and conference facilities that can satisfy even the most needful guests. The best staying option in Gwalior are Hotel Usha Kiran Palace which is a heritage hotel, Hotel Shelter, Hotel Tansen Residency and Hotel Gwalior Residency.

Getting There

By Air

Gwalior has its own airport and receives regular flights from Delhi, Bhopal and other major cities of India. Air Deccan, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Sahara and Alliance Air are the major operators in Gwalior.

By Rail

Gwalior railhead is an important station on Delhi - Mumbai and Delhi - Chennai routes. All major trains have a stop in Gwalior.

By Road

Gwalior is well connected to all the cities of Madhya Pradesh by regular state transport buses. There are buses coming to Gwalior from Delhi, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

Local Transport

Taxis and three wheeler autos are the best way to move inside the city. Hire a taxi or an auto only from prepaid booth. You can also take a ride in a shared auto carries around six to seven persons.

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