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"The town of Bhojpur dons the hues of its majestic past comfortably with its colorful present. With numerous temples and monuments, the town creates an environment of spirituality perfectly blending with history that beckons pilgrims and tourist alike to this prosperous land."
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Bhojpur Tourism

Bhojpur Temple - Bhojpur
Bhojpur Temple - Bhojpur

Bhojpur - All Set For Heritage Holidays

The small town still basks in the glory of its rich history which is reverberated by the many historical temples and monuments that dot this land. Situated around 28 km from the capital city of Bhopal, this is one of the few less known enchantments of Madhya Pradesh. Bhojpur was founded by Raja Bhoj of Dhar in 11th century. It was after him, the city was named Bhojpur. The town is famous for the Lord Shiva Temple named Bhojeshwar Temple. In eastern Part of India, the temple is more popularly known as Somnath.

If you are staying in Bhopal, you just cannot miss the small yet vibrant town of Bhojpur. It turns out to be a great excursion spot from Bhopal. So, whenever you are visiting Bhopal, keep a day aside for Bhojpur. Visit the town during the time of Maha Shivratri. During this period, an extravagant and brilliant fair is held here. The climate in Bhojpur is similar to what you will find in other parts of the state.

Attractions - The Best On Offer

When you explore the attractions of the town, you will feel the city is more inclined towards spirituality as the major places to visit are all temples. Along with visiting Bhojeshwar temple, visit the ruins of the splendid Cyclopean Dam.

Bhojeshwar Temple

This is the most important places in Bhojpur. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and beckons devotees from all parts of India. The temple was built sometime around 11th century. The structure towers to a height of 66 feet. The dome is incomplete, still the beauty of it is captivating. The dome is supported by four richly carved pillars. The architecture of the temple fascinates not only tourists but archeologists as well. The temple is known as Somnath in the eastern part of India.

Jain Temple

The Jain Temple is famous for the magnificent 20 feet high statue of Mahavira and two statues of Parsvanath. There are three images of tirthankaras as well inside the temple. The temple is situated close to Bhojeshwar temple. The style and architecture of both the temples is quite similar which points out that both the temples were built almost in the same period.

Cyclopean Dam

Considered to be a marvel during olden times, the great dam now lay in ruins on the western side of Bhojpur. The dam was built on a vast lake which is no more there. Huge hills enclosed the entire area from all sides, but two big gaps were there that were blocked by different dams. The earthen dams were huge with the bigger one being 44 feet high and 300 feet thick and the smaller one being 24 feet high and 100 feet wide. The construction of the dams was done without using mortar. The dams held up water of about 250 square miles. Few believe that the dams were built by Raja Bhoj, but they were probably built before his time.

Where To Stay

Bhojpur has few good hotels along with budget ones. Most of the budget hotels will provide you with all basic facilities and are very clean and hygienic. You also have the option of going to Bhopal where you will find almost all types of hotel that cater to travelers of all kinds of needs.

Getting There

By Air

Bhopal is the nearest airport which is at a distance of just 28 km. Hire a taxi or take a bus for half an hour drive to Bhojpur

By Rail

Nearest rail junction is also at Bhopal. It is an important railhead in Central India and is connected to all the major cities of India.

By Road

It is connected to Bhopal from where you can get bus to all most all parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Local Transport

Hired taxis and three wheeler autos are the prominent mode of transport inside the city. Buses and cycle rickshaws are also there. However the most interesting way of going around in Bhojpur is to hire a tanga (Horse Carriage).

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