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"Situated on the splendid beaches, Hotels and resort of Lakshadweep prove to be the unmatched way of staying right in the heart of nature. Providing many adventure tours in their standard package along with outstanding accommodation and recreational facilities, Lakshadweep resorts prove to be a one stop solution for all your vacation needs in Lakshadweep."
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Bangaram Beach Resort
Bangaram Beach Resort

Living In The Heart of Nature

Lakshadweep Islands for tourists, is a home for only a short while. So luxury and comfort seems to be the last thing on tourists mind while visiting Lakshadweep. All they look for is the option for getting closest to the scatheless nature. You will not find a resort on all the islands that have been opened up for tourism. However, there are good resorts on all the important islands of the shortest Union territory of India. Don't expect facilities comparable to that of Taj Hotels or Oberoi's. But the service and the efficiency of the staff is nothing than any 5 star resort anywhere in India. Their work quality and presence is quite heart warming and rejuvenating.

Most of the resorts are situated on the beaches, giving you a mesmerizing view of the shimmering blue waters stretching till the horizons. In Lakshadweep resorts, your day starts with the sound of gentle waves crashing on to the shores and ends with the sights of star studded sky. The accommodation in these resort are plain basic. All the resorts on the main islands like Agatti and Kadamat have air conditioned rooms, but resorts on other resorts on islands like Minicoy do not offer this luxury. After staying for a day, you will know why even an air conditioning is a luxury you can do without in Lakshadweep. These resorts don't provide any business facilities as hardly people come to Lakshadweep islands for work.

The major factor that makes the resorts of Lakshadweep, a pure delight is the cuisine that they offer. Along with mouthwatering Kerala dishes, these resorts offer exotic local dishes that are exclusive to Lakshadweep. Also get some world class cuisine like Continental and Chinese that add an extra edge to your stay in Lakshadweep.

Resorts in Lakshadweep play a major role of promoting tourism in this group of small paradises that have captured the imagination of the entire world. Whenever you decide to visit Lakshadweep Island, count on the small and beautiful resorts that are all ready to provide you with the best service and a holiday, set to be remembered for a lifetime.

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Agatti Resort

Kadmat Resort


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