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"Home to the only airport in Lakshadweep, Agatti is among the most important islands in Lakshadweep. Bordered by famous attractions of golden sand beaches, shimmering blue lagoons fringed with live coral reefs and sea that appears to merge with the shining horizon, Agatti is undoubtedly a paradise that rejuvenates your body and energizes your sprits by offering diverse adventure sports options."
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Agatti Beach
Agatti Beach

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The Island of Magnificence

As you approach the Agatti island, the first glimpse of the golden beaches, the clear blue waters and the swaying palm trees will let you know that you are poised for some spellbinding moments. Agatti is one of the most scenic isles in Lakshadweep situated on the westernmost side. Agatti is also the only place in Lakshadweep with an airport, which also makes this small island one of the most important destinations on this archipelago. Whether you are on a leisure beach tour with your family, on an adventure holiday with friends or on a romantic vacation with your partner, Agatti is a virtual paradise for all. The island is approximately 6 km in length and 1 km wide. The slow pace of life here will some time surprise you and sometimes make you feel envy of it. Apart from enjoying an adventure sports on the beaches, Agatti is full of places that are worth your visiting.


The main attraction of any Lakshadweep island are the blue lagoons with warm and inviting waters that circle them and Agatti is no exception. Take a peek into the clear waters and you will see schools of colorful fishes zig zagging their way though the corals. It's hard to resist yourself from exploring the underwater kingdom. And the best way to do it is by scuba diving or snorkeling alongside the colorful residents of these shallow waters. You can also take a glass bottomed boat if you desire to enjoy the scintillating views without getting wet.

Golden Jubilee Museum

Agatti is home to the only museum in entire Lakshadweep. Named Golden Jubilee Museum, it showcases models of traditional Minicoy sailboats (jagdhoni). It is also the best place to know the history of Lakshadweep by glimpsing on the display of olden day jars, pots, wooden chests and invaluable collection of gold coins. On the ground floor of the two floored building, there are two busts of Lord Buddha that are assumed to be from between 9th and 12th AD. These artifacts tells us a lot about the periods before Islam came to Lakshadweep Islands. The museum is open from 10AM till 5PM.

Mohiyudeen Mosque

Mohiyudeen Mosque is the oldest mosque in Lakshadweep that dates back to 16th century. The mosque stands surrounded by grove of palms and magnificently and intricately carved tombstones some of which are as old as the mosque and few were built afterwards. The moment you enter the mosque, a pure and calming peace grips you leaving you feeling sober than ever. Mohiyudeen Mosque is built in the style resembling Malabar Temple. The unique thing about the mosque is that there are no minarets. There is also a huge well and a tank inside the premises of the tank.

Tourist Information

For Accommodation, there is Agatti Beach Resort situated just walking distance from the airport. Looking at the services provided by the Agatti resort, there are none comparable to it in entire Lakshadweep. You can opt from the various packages provided by the resort, some of which include a glass bottom boat ride, visit to nearby islands and lagoon fishing. The restaurant in Agatti resort provides both local and continental cuisines.

You can reach Agatti Island from Kochi by a flight or by taking a cruise, The cruise approximately takes 18 to 22 hrs to cover the near 400 Km distance. To enjoy the laid back lifestyle of friendly Agatti inhabitants, you can hire bicycles on rent and explore the interiors of Agatti islands at your own pace.


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