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"Wayanad Kerala - Travel to one of the most beautiful place in Kerala and enjoy the wondorous creations of nature. Wayanad tourism takes you on an unforgettable trip to Wayanad. Its for sure that the irresistible beauty of this place will force you to come here again and again."
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Wayanad Tourism

Meenmutty Falls  Wayanad, Kerala
Meenmutty Falls Wayanad- Kerala

About Wayanad Kerala

Wayanad, the 'green paradise' instantly draws a picture of a vast stretch of green land. The sobriquet itself oozes tremendous freshness. 'The natural beauty of Kerala is the best', you will say to yourself as you set out exploring its hills, waterfalls, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries. These gifts of nature do not merely have balmy effect on your tired soul, rather they give you a kind of happiness that is simply indescribable.

With Tourism In Wayanad - Explore Nature's Bounty

Elated, you look out for ways to entertain yourself. And Wayanad doesn't disappoints you since it has plenty to offer. The very nature destinations that soothed your soul a little while ago now transform themselves and present opportunities to become adventurous. So, undertake a trekking expedition to the peaks, boating rounds in the lakes, game viewing in the sanctuaries and have a close look at the carvings of the caves. When you are free from all this, visit the revered temples of the region that each have their own story to make them special. Then, there are museums too to unravel the history of the place before you.

Wayanad tours provide you with so many option, that you will not have time to miss your home. Infact, you might just love to extend your holidays and allow yourself to be pampered by the gentle gust of wind and mild splashing of water.

Wayanad is truly a gem in the crown of God's own country'.

Wayanad Tours - Quick Getaways
Wayanad Kerala - Hot Spots
Chembra Peak
Pookote Lake
Suchipara and Kanthampara Fall
Meenmutty Falls
Karlad Lake
Banasura Sagar
Edakkal caves
Heritage Museum, Ambalavayal
Chethalayam Falls
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthunga
Thirunelly Temple
Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Tourism - Essential Information
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