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"Spice Village is a perfect place to retreat from the modern lifestyle and enjoy the blissful surroundings of nature. With the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in close vicinity, the wildlife attraction will keep you busy throughout your stay."
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Spice Village

Spice Village Thekkady,  Kerala
Spice Village Thekkady- Kerala

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala needs little introduction for it has, over the years, earned itself a place in the hearts of the wildlife lovers. The Spice Village is just a stone's throw away from this extremely famous Wildlife Sanctuary. It is not that Spice Village is dependent on Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary to earn its share of glory, still the presence of the Reserve does makes a difference to the number of people actually visiting it. Moreover, the entire built up of the resort draws its inspiration from the tribal groups that still reside in the jungles.

The resort belongs to the prestigious CGH Earth Groups and provides its guests an experience for a lifetime. For all those who just cannot do without AC and other such modern comforts, Spice Village is definitely not the place to be. However, luxury has another meaning to it here and you realize this the moment you step in the village.

The Spice Village is for all those who appreciate nature and its beauty, long to breathe in the fresh air redolent with aroma of cinnamon and cloves and have time to enjoy the small delights that crop up every now and then.

Stay in the Tribal Cottages

A stay in the cottages in the Spice Village gives you a feeling of staying in an era when modern multi storeyed houses did not exist. Each of the cottage here (and there are a total of 52) is a classic example of the houses in which the tribals of the Periyar Forest stayed, or rather still stay. The cottages are thatched with Elephant grasses and also make use of bricks and bamboos in their construction.

Enter the cottage and instantly the space provided will strike a chord with a part of you that is frustrated of small congested rooms. The floor beneath your feet is a terracotta one and the beds & furniture are made up from pine. There are larger cottages as well in case you want more space with a little garden.

Each of the garden is set in its own area and right in the middle is a large swimming pool surrounded by tropical trees and lawns.

Enjoy a Spicy Meal

Dining in the Spice Village means enjoying every little taste that is there in the food. There is no formal rules to be followed and you can have it the way you want and at a place you like. There is a proper dining hall where you can sit on wooden tables and have your delicious meal patiently. Alternatively, you can fill your plate and come out in the verandah to enjoy an alfresco meal.

Then, there is also the historic Tiffin Room where light snacks greet you throughout the day. The furnitures of this room originally belonged to a 100-year old restaurant in the next valley. Unfortunately, it closed down in 1995 and the furnitures became a pride of the Tiffin Room of the Spice Village.

Set off for a Wild Adventure Trip

With Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in close vicinity, it is but quiet natural that a trip there is at the top of your mind. Among the most exciting way to discover the wilderness of the sanctuary is a boating trip on the Periyar Lake. Most of the animal sighting is done while enjoying a boat ride in the lake, specially during the dawn and dusk. The Spice Village arranges for a two hour trip to the Sanctuary where you can have your wild experience amongst the savannah grasslands and woods.

Trekking tours are also organized inside the forest area to give you a further dose of wildlife adventure. Alighting from the boat, you will move deeper into the forest along with a tribal guide. With tall trees and grasses all around you and a hidden fear that animals might just show up right in front of you makes your adventurous trip worthwhile.

Back in the Village

Once you are back in the Spice Village, there are other means to entertain you. First of all is the cookery classes that gives you an opportunity to not only enjoy the delectable Keralese dishes but also be a part in preparing them. Even if you do not want to be involved in the actual making, you can simply stand beside and observe the effort that goes for in to make the food so very special for you.

The Garden of the Village, beaming with a number of spice trees and plants is a perfect place to feel that you are staying in a 'Spice' Village. And it is not just rambling around the garden that gives you a high, rather there is much more. Each individual tree and plant is properly marked and there is also a qualified botanist to answer both your query and clarify your doubts.

And the Ayurveda Centre

The Ayurveda Centre of the Spice Village offers treatment that refreshes both your body and mind. The Ayurvedic therapies administered under the guiding eyes of the expert physician is extremely effective in curing your mental and physical problems.

The Spice Village is 180 km away from Cochin International Airport, 100 km from Kottayam Railway Station and 1 km from Kumily Bus Stand.


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