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"Know more about Palakkad during your trip to Kerala with the help of Palakkad district map. Palakkad road map helps you in navigating excatly during your Palakkad Travel. Here you can also say that Palghat map is your best travel guide for the Palakkad travel tours."
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Palakkad Map

Tipus' Fort Palakkad,  Kerala
Tipus' Fort Palakkad- Kerala

Where Is Palakkad

Palakkad or Palghat (as it was known earlier) is a famous town located in the state of Kerala in Palakkad district. The district of Palakkad, lies at the foot of the colossal Western Ghats, has only midland and highland areas. Much of the area is made up of plains, scattered with a few hillocks. The plains are so fertile and productive that the district is considered the "Granary of Kerala". And one more thing to add here, the romantic Palakkad weather will make you fall in love with this place.

Palakkad History

How Palakkad derived its name is a bit of matter of choice since there are so many opinions and views tracing its etymology. According to one version, the Pala (barren) along with kadu (jungle) joined together to give the land its name. Still another version says that it was the respect of the Jain Temple of the place that led to its name, Palighat, since Pali is the sacred language of the Jains. Palighat subsequently gave way to Palakkad. The most believed version is the third one according to which Palakkad owes its name to the Pala trees that once occupied its major portion.

As for the history of Palakkad goes, very little is known about it. Evidence in form of relics suggest that Palakkad existed during the Paleolithic age. First millennium AD saw the Perumal rulers exercising their control over the land. This control was later disintegrated into smaller divisions by the Perumal governors. Accounts of William Logan, the Scottish author of the Malabar Manual also mentions Palakkad as one of the Malabar region that was captured by the Pallavas of Kanchi.

Another record describes a war that was fought by the king of Palakkad in 988 AD to stop the invading army of King of Kongunadu at Chittur. The victory of Palakkad in that war is still celebrated in the form of a festival.

In 1757, yet another invasion by the Zamorins made the then Raja seek the help of Mysore ruler, Hyder Ali. Hyder Ali obliged and eventually secured Palakkad for himself and later his son, Tipu Sultan. However, with the defeat of Tipu in the third Anglo Mysore war of 1792, Palakkad along with other Malabar territories (belonging to Tipu) passed of to the British. The British made Palakkad a part of the Malabar District of Madras Presidency which post independence became a part of the Madras state. In 1956, when Kerala came into existence, Palakkad became a part of it.


Palakkad has a quiet a good number of options for shoppers. There is a big bazaar (Valiya Angadi) where shops sell items like traditional bell, peacock villakus, thooku or hanging villakus, nilavillakus and utensils. Tranvancore sarees, Kerala souvenirs and jewelleries are other options for shoppers. Infact, after Thrissur, it is Palakkad that has the highest number of jewellery shops. You can have a look at the new designs and even pick up the ones you like. This is quiet possible so keep your purse full. One important point to remember here is that carry a copy of map of Palakkad to easily navigate through these streets and markets.

How To Reach Palakkad

By Air

Closest airport from Palakkad lies at a distance of 60 km, in Coimbatore. Flights from there connect Palakkad airport to Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Colombo, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Lucknow and Mumbai.

By Rail

Palakkad railway Station has many trains that connect it to destinations within and outside the state of Kerala. There is the Amritha and Kerala Express that connect it to Thiruvanantpuram and Ernakulam. Other trains also link Palakkad and Ernakulam on daily basis. Kanyakumari Express runs to destinations like Bangalore and Mumbai. This is the only direct daily train to Mumbai, however, it is much time consuming and it is better to travel to Shoranur and then move to Mumbai. The journey time in this way is reduced by almost a day. The Kerala Express also connects Palaghat to Delhi.

By Road

NH - 47 that links Salem to Kanyakumari passes through Palakkad and connects it to various other destinations lying on the route, apart from these two places. So, Coimbatore is 47 km, Thrissur is 67 km, Ernakulam is 146 km, Allepey is 209 km, Kollam is 296 km and Trivandrum is 359 km. Palakkad is connected to Kozhikode as well. Regular Bus services are also available that link Palakkad to Thrissur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

Distance of Palakkad From Other Cities

Bangalore to Palakkad - 373 KM

Distance from Cochin to Palakkad - 163 KM

Distance from Palakkad to Coimbatore - 49 KM

Chittur to Palakkad - 11 KM

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Palakkad Map

Palakkad Map

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