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"Palakkad Kerala is definitely a destination that will sweep ypu of your feet. The Palakkad district has a number of attractions in store for you. And what can one say about Palakkad just travel to this place and let it unfurl its myriad hues infront of you. Also get to explore the history of Palakkad like earlier is was called Palghat district and lot more with Indialine."
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Tourism In Palakkad

Kurumba Kavu Temple Palakkad,  Kerala
Kurumba Kavu Temple Palakkad- Kerala

About Palakkad

The land of Palmyras trees and paddy field - that's how Palakkad district is often referred to as. Palakadu and Palghat Kerala are the other names of Palakkad Kerala that will entice you with its myriad forms of beauties. There are temples thronged by a number of devotees with faith in their hearts and shine in their eyes; there are wildlife sanctuaries nurturing the lives of a number of animals, reptiles and birds; there is a historical fort that stand today to narrate its past and there are gramams where the inhabitants still follow the ageold customs of passing down the vedas verbally. Attractions like these are abundant in Palakkad so you can expect to get a variety of entertainment option during your trip.

History of Palakkad India

And if you are thinking that Palghat India or Palakkad doesn't have an interesting story to tell, then think again for not only the story interesting, it is rather the only one of its type. The story relates how before a coronation ceremony, the king was found to be missing. The kings whereabouts was unknown and he also did not have any relatives to look for him. He probably did not even know about his kingdom because when he was found, he was washing dishes in a hotel in Andhara Pradesh! Moreover, even after his coronation ceremony, the king did not stay back and soon disappeared!

Whether the story is true or not is difficult to ascertain since there is nothing to prove or disapprove its authencity, nonetheless, it makes for some interesting hearing.

Palakkad India-Quick Getaways
Palakkad Tourism - Hot Spots
Silent Valley National Park
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Tipus' Fort
Jain Temple, Jainmed
Vadakkanthara Temple
Kalpathy Agrahara & Vishwanathaswamy Temple
Kumarapuram Temple
Emoor Bhagvaty Temple
Thiruvalathoor Shiva Temple

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