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"Munnar travel offer you a great option to experience the serene beauty of Munnar hills. And what can be a better way then to opt for Munnar Travel Tours to see the magic of this immensely blessed travel destination."
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Munnar Travel

Munnar Valley,   Kerala
Munnar Valley - Kerala

Travel To Munnar

Words will fall short while talking about Munnar. The only thing that can be said is that' Munnar hill station is immensely blessed with irresistible natural beauty and charm. And once you plan your Munnar holidays, get ready to be bowled over with what this town has to offer to you. Also if you are a newly married couple then Munnar honeymoon packages would be the best gift with which you can surprise your partner.

Munnar History

The history of Munnar dates back to the ancient times. Relics obtained point out to a stone age civilization in the area. However, as far as the written history is concerned, it is available only after the 10th century.

Duke of Wellington holds the distinction of being the first European who set his feet in Munnar. Soon after, the Tamilians, also known as Muthuvans, too came in large numebrs and settled down in the area. This was followed by the headman of the villages of Anchanad and Kannan Thevar acquiring lands to the north of the high ranges which actually belonged to native Rajah of Poonjar.

The Poonjar chief, a subordinate of the Maharaja of Travancore, lent around 588 sq km of land around Munnar to a British lawyer who was also a tea planter. The tea planter, J D Munro, worked hard and converted the entire area covered by forest into a plantation. The efforts of Munro got further boost when Messrs Finlay Muir & Company bought the land from him. Around a century later, in 1976, Tata Finlay Ltd became the owners of the plantation. Still later, in 1983, Finlay sold out its share to Tata and moved out. Since then, the company became Tata Tea.

Munnar Travel - Enjoy Shopping

The best things you can purchase in Munnar are tea, spices and strawberries. With so many plantations around, the quality of tea is undoubetedly high. Also, there are many shops offering tea on sale, however, again, the best place to buy tea is unquestionalbly Tata Tea Sales Outlet. Strawberries and spices, though seasonal items make for a good buy.

You can also pick up aromatic oils like eucalyptus oil, lemon grass and citridora. Purchase of handmade paper greeting cards can help a disabled child of a plantation worker at Tata Tea's Shristhi Welfare Centre.

Tourist Information

  • Munnar Maps and the copies of the various guidebooks are provided.
  • STD/ISD booths are everywhere
  • For changing money, the State Bank of Travancore is good
  • The Wildlife Warden`s Office is just beyond the PWD Guest House

How To Reach Munnar

By Air

The closest Airport from Munnar is at Cochin which is around 121 km away. A prepaid taxi will take you to Munnar.

By Rail

The nearest railway station from Munnar is Ernakulam junction at a distance of 127 km. Taxis are available for Munnar.

By Road

Munnar, 130 km east of Kochi, is best reached by direct bus from Kochi (4½ hours, eight daily), Kottayam (five hours, seven daily), Kumily (4½ hours, four daily), Thiruvananthapuram (nine hours, five daily), Coimbatore (six hours, two daily) or Madurai (six hours, one daily).

Munnar Map

Varkala Map

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