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"Malappuram Tourism offer you a great option to explore the beauty Malappuram and to discover the bounteous charm that surrounds the zone. Unveil the rich heritage of Malappuram Kerala as you explore its serene magic with Malappuram travel tours."
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Malappuram Tourism

Puthuponnani Malappuram, Kerala
Puthuponnani Malappuram - Kerala

About Malappuram

Like any other district of Kerala, Malappuram district is a treasure house of the natural beauty. There are beaches, rivers, waterfalls, backwater destinations, hills, valleys, plantations and not to forget a famous bird sanctuary to bind you with their charm. Once in Malappuram Kerala, you will not feel like coming back. Moreover, these beauties of nature will help you forget the stressful life that you have been leading continuously. So, walk on the sands and the let the exhaustion quietly flow away with the rushing water or gaze at the water falling from a great height with a thundering sound and feel the tranquility it still manages to give you.

Malappuram Dist - An Overview

However, it is not just the natural beauty that will captivate your attention since there are a number of manmade attractions as well to stop you from proceeding ahead. These manmade attractions are reflective of the regions historical and cultural wealth. There are temples, mosques and art centres that very elegantly put before you the past of the region and also give you ample indication of what the future will be like.

The people of Malappuram triur, like the rest of the Keralese, are extremely cordial and treat their guests with much respect. And, as for eating out in Malappuram district is concerned, do not go expecting big restaurant, but definitely expect some delicious food. The number of small restaurant and the eating joints in the region will leave you elated.

Malappuram- Quick Getaways
Malappuram District - Hot Spots
Jamaat Mosque
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

About Malappuram - Essential Information
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