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"An island that was once a coconut plantation, is now home to a wonderful heritage resort - Coconut Lagoon. The resort offers plenty of rest and entertainment for all those looking out for some really nice time."
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Coconut Lagoon

Coconut Lagoon Resort Kumarakom,  Kerala
Coconut Lagoon Resort Kumarakom- Kerala

Board a ferry from the Taneermukkam jetty or Kumarakom and sail through the pristine waters to reach an island nestled on the eastern shores of the Vembanad Lake. The Island was initially an area covered by coconut plantation, however, today, as you approach it, red roofs emerge from behind the thick cluster of palm trees. This is the very first sight and it seems to send out an invitation to you - come and indulge yourself in the luxury of nature.

Welcome to Coconut Lagoon! A Resort rated by Condé Nast Traveller (a travel magazine) as one amongst the 25 best getaways in the world. It is owned by CGH Earth Group that promises to offer an experience of a lifetime to one and all who decide to stay here during their vacations. The Resort combines the best of Kerala's attractions - greenery, ayurveda, backwaters - to give you all that you have come to enjoy.

The Resort is located very close to the the entrance of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and is 10 km from Kottayam and 78 km from Kochi.

Heritage Reception, Bungalows, Mansions And Pool Villas

The word heritage begins to strike you the moment you put your feet inside the resort. The Reception itself traces its origin to the village of Vaikom where it belonged to a member of the Brahmin Caste. It was initially built way back in the year 1860 and was brought for the use of Coconut Lagoon in 1993. The entire reception structure is a four cornered open roof courtyard within a basic structure. There is a wooden swing. So, take a round on it and instantly feel connected to the place.

You can pick up any of the three kind of accommodations during your stay and be assured that luxury will reach you effortlessly. There are Heritage Bungalows set amidst lush greenery of lawns that exude a sense of freedom which you will definitely appreciate. Heritage Mansions are larger versions of the former with the upper storey characterized by wooden ribs that remind you of the sides of a boat.

The third kind of accommodation available for you to choose from is the Pool Villa. Set on the lake front, these villas are heaven for all those who love to ponder in isolation. The villas have their own private pool and even a hammock. These together provide you a good opportunity to either sit by the side of the former or swing on the latter while you are busy talking to yourself.

Though, quiet a few of the cottages in the Coconut Lagoon have been built up recently, there is a greater percentage of others that date back to yesteryears viz., a century or two old. The furnishing inside most of the cottages are in wood and that also in alyny and jack woods. Further, thick solid doors, intricate window carvings, and terra cotta tile floors enhance your feeling of being in a heritage property. It is not that modifications have not been made, yet they have been strictly in keeping with overall feel of the cottages.

The best example of a blend of traditional and modern can be found in the bathrooms of Coconut Lagoon. In earlier times, Keralites bathed in rivers, least conscious (though careful) about who else is there. Ofcourse, times have changed now and people feel more comfortable bathing inside their bathrooms. However, at Coconut Lagoon, you can still have the pleasure of bathing under open sky, albeit with complete privacy. The bathroom of the Coconut Lagoon are in the inner courtyard of the cottage which invariably has its own banana or coconut tree. Enjoy a refreshing bath

Heritage Restaurant

This one has even found a mention in the famous prize winning novel of Arundhati Roy - 'The God of Small Things'. The restaurant of Coconut Lagoon is the oldest structure in the entire Resort and originally belonged to an eminent Malayali family of the nearby village. The Restaurant is a rectangular courtyard with a expansive tile roof that is held up by a number of coloumns.

And, as for the speciality of the restaurant is concerned, it is most definitely the excellent and exotic Keralese cuisine. You can completely loose yourself to the surroundings while feasting on the traditional Keralese cuisine prepared by expert chef, Raju. The taste of the sea food, specially the 'karimeen', or pearl spot fish has earned rave comments from even the fiercest of critics.

Freshness makes itself visible in every kind of food preparation. Whether it is the sea or river water fishes, poultry or rice, it is all fresh. Coconut Lagoon owns a private poultry farm and paddy field which serve the needs of the restaurant.

Leisure - The Way You Define It

At Coconut Lagoon, you can enjoy leisure the way you want to. Sit down comfortably and catch up with some 'long back left incomplete' book or just gaze around and doze off in between.

If a bit of rest infuses in you a desire to explore the surroundings, set off on a backwater cruise and marvel at the beauty that sweep past you in succession. The backwaters of Kerala are referred to as a storehouse of natural beauty, and on your trip, you will realize the strength of this reference. While on your trip, do not forget to get down and interact with the locals, for that is what adds much to your experience.

And before you forget that you have some delightful neighbours, they themselves give out a call and force you to visit them. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary cannot be missed out if you want to completely enjoy your stay at the Coconut Lagoon. The variety of species seen chirping and hopping on the tree branches will put you in delightful amazement.

Other leisure options can take you for a round of fishing and water skiing. Then, there is the resort garden, full of ayurvedic and medicinal trees and plants. These trees and plants are properly labelled and give you a chance to understand the gifts of nature. Also, a butterfly garden will provide you a glimpse of the myriad colours that make our planet so very beautiful. Here the colours seem to float and fly all around you and even send a smile to your face you with their gentle touch.

And if after all this, you feel an urge to sit down and listen to some rhythmic music, then there is a classical concert on the lawns - ready to transport you to a musical heaven.

Sunset is the time to board yourself in a traditional kettuvallom, or houseboat that once served to ferry both man and goods across the water. These kettuvalloms will take you down the waters as the sun spread its fading hues over it. Sun set cruises are meant to give a fantastic end to your day.

Feel Refreshed At the Ayurveda Centre

If too much of routine work has lessened your level of energy and also caused you to suffer from some nagging problem, then the Ayurveda centre at Coconut Lagoon promises to relieve you of all your distresses. Give yourself up to the expert vaidyan of the Ayurveda Centre and he will take care that traditional system of healing cures you of all your problems - physical and mental.

Even, if you are not suffering from any ailment and are just feeling a bit tired, a massage from the hands of the trained masseurs can have a magical effect on you.

Just have faith in the ancient system of treatment and watch the changes it brings in your body, mind and soul.

Coconut Lagoon is 95 km from Cochin International Airport.However, it is not accessible by road or rail. A boat ride is essential to reach the hotel.


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