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"Plan a trip to Kozhikode Kerala this vacation and let the charm of Kozhikode tourism unfold before you gradually. Though the place is not really big, the Kozhikode India within will definitely elate your heart."
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Kozhikode Kerala

Calicut Beach Kozhikode, Kerala
Calicut Beach Kozhikode- Kerala

Kozhikode Tourism

Today, when you hear about Kozhikode Kerala or as earlier called Calicut City, a number of images and thoughts swiftly make their way through your mind. Tourists enjoying the greenery and cool breezes, market places bustling with activities, men and women roaming around in their traditional attire, boys and girls in their more modern garbs.

Kozhikode Kerala - Interesting Fact

For those who have just heard about the place, here's an interesting story to start with. Long back, two Arab prince of Muscat set off in search of a place with which they could establish trade links. At each port they passed, they left behind three jars of date pickles. While on their way back, they discovered that at all places the three jars were safe and still contained the date pickles. However, what was missing was the gold coin they had hid in one of the jars. This was common in all the ports barring one, and that was Kozhikode. Overwhelmed by the honesty of the local people, the princes accorded the epithet of 'harbour of honesty' to this port.

Kozhikode India - Traveler's Paradise

The story's authenticity is not known yet it makes for interesting hearing. It also gives an idea of what Kozhikode was in earlier times. Anyhow, coming back to the present days, Kozhikode is an excellent destination to spend your vacations. There's a beach to play with water and sand, temples to offer prayers, a spot to spot the ever sporty dolphins, a centre to watch the traditional fight form of Kerala, yet another centre to know more about the tribes, a sweet halwa to treat your taste buds and many more such interesting options. Just visit it and you will love its myriad hues.

Quick Getaways
Kozhikode Kerala - Tourist Places
Thikkodi Light House and Payyoli Beach
Kunhali Marikar's Residence
Thusharagiri Waterfall
Peruvannamuzhi and Kakkayam Dams
Mananchira Square
Sweet Meat Street
Palayam Market
Thali Temple
Kozhikode Beach
Dolphin Point
Regional Science Centre
Pazhassi Raja Museum and VK Krishna Menon Art Gallery
CVN Kalari Sangam
Kappad Beach
Kozhikode Kerala - Essential Information
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