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"Kottayam is an important commercial centre of Kerala and is situated in the southern part of India. Kottayam is also known as the rubber hub of Kerala, and is among the state's most mountainous regions, providing some of Kerala's finest natural scenes."
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St. Joseph's Cathedral Kottayam,  Kerala
St. Joseph's Cathedral Kottayam- Kerala

Like the rest of places in Kerala, Kottayam is also a treasure house of natural beauty and cultural heritage. People visiting the place have been overwhelmed with its pristine beauty that invariably inspires them to pen a few words of praise even though they are otherwise loathe to writing. The nearby Vembanad Lake which is the most exciting backwater destination in Kerala, draws its name from the early name of Kottayam, Vempolinad.

As for the attractions within and close to Kottayam is considered, there are many to catch your attention. Among them, religious places are in plenty, so if you have a religious bent of mind, you sure do know now where to head in Kerala. Additionally, the backwaters of Vembanad are a real gem for the lovers of nature. As you move slowly soaking in the beauties of nature, you will feel a sense of disgust at the way modernisation has changed the face of the world.

For those who are more interested in shopping around, Kottayam offers a good number of options. However, clothes and jewelleries are what you should look out to buy since they are the chief draws in this place. And before we forget, let's also make a mention of the distinct Kottayam cuisine that is inspired heavily by the Syrian Christains. Try out a number of dishes, or rather the signature dishes of Kottayam and give your taste buds a taste of a different type. Non vegetarian food buffs are going to have a good time eating here.

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