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"Kannur or Cannanore (as it was called earlier) is a beautiful sea town of Kerala. The scenic beauty and the romantic Kannur weather of this town during your travel to Kannur will surely sweep you off your feet. And what can be a better way then Kannur Kerala Travel to explore the real magic of this place."
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Kannur Travel

Payamballam Beach Kunnur, Kerala
Payamballam Beach Kunnur- Kerala

Travel To Kannur

Kannur is located in the northern part of Kerala and is supposed to draw its name from two Malayalam words, Kannan meaning Krishna and Ur meaning place. Thus the place associates itself with Lord Krishna. The name Cannonore is the angilicised version of Kannur.

Kannur History

The history of the district is traced back to the Neolithic age (there are rock cut caves and megalithic burial sites of that time). After the arrival of the Portuguese in the scene, a contact was made with the Kolathiris (though Vasco da Gama never visited the place himself). The rivalries of the two powers, Zamorins and Kolathiris, helped Vasco da Gama take an advantage in securing a monopoly over the pepper trade. Later, Portugal sent Francisco De Almedia to construct a fort in a specific area. This gave rise to the Kannur Fort in the year 1505.

Kannur made its presence felt during the Indian freedom movement was on. The Malabar District committee (1908) and Communist Party of India (1939) were formed and the region actively participated in the Khilafat movement and Satygrah movement. Post independence, Kannur became a part of the Kerala state in 1956.

Shopping In Kannur

Kannur is renowned for its high quality handloom products like house linen, bedcovers, table linen and fine cotton saris. The prices of these products are within a reasonable limit so you do not really need to bargain hard (as you would in many other parts of country). One of the best place to buy Kannur handloom products is the Handveer, which is operated by the government.

Apart from handloom, other product worth a buy in Kannur include brass and bell metal lamps. These are available in all shapes and sizes.

Kannur City Centre Mall is the largest and the busiest shopping place in the city.

How To Reach Kannur

By Air

The closest Kannur airport is Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode which is at a distance of around 114 km. Flights from here connect daily to Coimbatore, Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai and Chennai. There are also flights to Goa (thrice a week), Trichy (twice a week) and Trivandrum (once a week). Taxis for Kannur airport share are available, though a bit costly.

By Rail

Kannur Station operates trains that run to Ernakulam and Trivandrum (Cannanore, Netravati and Parsurama Express), Mumbai (Netravati and Mangla Lakshadweep Express), Delhi (Mangla Lakshadweep, Trivandrum Rajdhani) and Chennai (Mangalore Mail).

By Road

By road, Kannur is connected to various destinations within and outside Kerala. The KSRTC Bus Stand opposite the Collector's office in Kannur is the starting point of many buses like Kasodgarh (89 km), Kozhikode (86 km) and Mangalore (138 km). Buses also run to Kalpetta, Ponnani, Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam and also Bangalore to Kannur. Infact the Bangalore kannur road journey is a great way to experience the wonder of natural beauty.

Kannur Map

For other details about Kannur news and this district look out for Indialine India Travel.

Kannur Map

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