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"Visit Kannur Kerala, one of the gems of South India. And let the magic of Kannur district unfold its natural beauty and cultural heritage that lay hidden in its bosom. And you get to explore all this and lot nore only with Kannur Tourism."
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Kannur Tourism

Kannur fort, Kerala
Kannur fort- Kerala

About Kannur

Welcome to Kannur Kerala! A land that revels in historical and legendary anecdotes. According to one historical story, a princess was once saved by a Muslim youth and they subsequently fell for each other. The father of the princess agreed to the marriage and thus paved way for the foundation of the only Muslim royal family in the state of Kerala.

History of Kannur District

A place that also associates itself with Hindu God, Lord Krishna and the great King Solomon who stopped here to collect timber to be used for the construction of the Temple of the Lord at Jerusalem. The latter connection with King Solomon finds mention in the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, an ancient Greek work. To add to this is the praiseworthy remarks of the renowned traveller, Marco Polo, who called it a "great emporium of spice trade".

Tourism In Kannur Kerala

For a tourist, Kannur holds forth a number of attractions. Just walk along its shoreline, play with its sea water as well as backwater, enter the sacred temples, purchase the handloom products or forget yourself while watching Theyyam(an ancient ritualistic folk art) in any of the Kannur Kavus -the choice is yours.

Enjoy Holidays At Kannur India

Interacting with the people and knowing their custom over a traditional Keralese dinner is also an excellent option if you desire. Kannur will instill in you a freshness not just with its beauty but also with its overall ambiance.

Kannur Kerala - Quick Getaways
Kannur India - Hot Spots
Tellicherry Fort
Gundert's Bungalow
Trichambaram Temple
Aralam Wild life sanctuary
Pazhazzi Dam
Pythal Mala
Fort St Angelo
Arakkal Kettu
Meenkunnu Beach
Payyambalam Beach
Shri Muthappan Parassinikadav
Valapattanam Backwater
Muzhapilangad Beach
Subramania Peralassery

About Kannur - Essential Information
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