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"Idukki, the famous hill station of Kerala has a number of attractions within its around it and in the surrounding region. Travel to Idukki and let the cool breezes blow on your face as you explore its attractions."
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Idukki Attractions

waterfall at the Eravipuram, Idukki  Kerala
Waterfall at the Eravipuram Idukki

Idukki Arch Dam

The Idukki Arch Dam is the second Arch Dam of the world while it is first for the continent of Asia. It rises to a height of 550 ft. high and extends to and width of 650 ft. The Dam was conceived by a superintendent of the Malankara Tea Estate who was on a hunting expedition and instantly recognized the potential of the place for power generation. Surprisingly, there is a famous legend associated with this dam as well. According to it, two natives were cursed by Lord Rama when he caught them staring at bathing Sita. The two natives, Koravan (man) and Kurathi (woman) who were converted into stones (on opposite banks of Periyar river) begged Lord Rama for mercy since they had never stayed separate. Lord Rama blessed them that they will stay together for years to come. And, today, the Idukki Arch Dam links the two hillocks, Koravan Mala and Kurathi Mala (thus in a sense reuniting them). You can enjoy a trip on the pedal boat on the river.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is close to the Idukki Arch Dam and covers a part of the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki district. The total area covered by the park is 77 sq km out of which 33 sq km is occupied by the lake formed due to the construction of three artificial dams - Cheruthoni, Kulamavu and Idukki. The animals that can be sighted here include Elephants, Deers, Bears, Wild Pigs, Tigers and Leopards. Also to be seen are snakes like Python, Cobra, Ciper, Rat Snake, Iguana and birds like Hornbills, Wood Peckers and King Fishers.


Two waterfalls - Thomankuttu and Rainbow Waterfalls - are located at a distance of 20 and 25 km from Thodupuzha. The waterfalls are an ideal destinations for all those who love to picnic in a natural surroundings. The first mentioned waterfall is characterized by seven step and a number of surrounding caves. The second one is surrounded by lush green forests

Ilaveezha Poonchira

Located atop one of the four hills, Kudayathoor Mala, at a distance of 20 km from Thodupuzzha, Ilaveezha Poonchira literally translates into 'pond of flowers atop a hill where no leaves fall'. This is a hamlet from where views of the surrounding area is bewitching. Legends have it that Bhima put his crown as a barrier to prevent people from viewing Draupadi while she was bathing. The crown later turned into rocks thereby isolating the area from the rest of the nearby places. You can undertake a trekking expedition to reach to the top of the Kudayathoor Mala.

Annamalai Temple

3 km from the centre of Thodupuzha is the Annamalai Temple which is around 1800 years old. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is fortunately one of those temples that remain in their original form, devoid of any destruction. The temple is a good example of Chola style of architecture. Worth seeing in the temple is the window with nine lattices pointing to nine planets. There is another window with five lattices indicating the paanch bhoothas five elements. Today, the temple is managed by a private trust.

Karikodu Bhagwathy

Located opposite the Annamalai Temple, this temple has goddess Bhagvathy as its presiding deity. The temple is 460 years old and is, unlike the Annamalai Temple, a rebuilt structure. Only Hindus are permitted to enter the temple between 5 to 11 am and then from 5 to 8 pm.

Sri Krishnaswamy Temple

The temple dedicated to Lord Krishna was built by the king of Keezhmalainad who ruled from Karikodu. A legend attaches itself with the temple according to which a hermit had a vision of Lord Krishna at this spot. He stopped there and made offerings to the god, and today, at the same spot a temple stands. Like many other temples of Kerala, this temple too allows only Hindus to enter its premises. The timings are 6 to 11.30 am and 5 to 8 am.

Nainar Masjid

This mosque is believed to be built during the same time as the Bhagvathy Temple and is located just a little distance ahead of the latter. The present structure is pretty recent construction, though quiet a few things do remind of its past. These include the stone steps with ancient inscriptions, a water tank carved out of a single piece of rock and few old pillars.

St Thomas Church

Located 8 km from Thodupuzha, St Thomas Church is believed to be the oldest one in Idukki, around 600 years old. However, reconstruction work was done some 50 years ago itself. The devotees at the church believe that the original structure of the temple was constructed by St Thomas though there is no proof whether the saint even visited the place, leave alone constructing a church here.


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