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"Stay in Marari Beach Resort during your trip to Kerala and feel the magic of tranquility seep in deep your soul. Additionally, the ayurvedic treatment and yoga classes will infuse in you a freshness that you have been missing for a long time now."
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Marari Beach Resort

Marari Beach Resort Alappuzha, Kerala
Marari Beach Resort Alappuzha - Kerala

Mararikulam, a small fishing village where life is yet to embrace the changes that have swept the world, where men still venture out every morning expecting a good day (read catch) on sea and where women still await the return of their husbands and son with prepared dinner. At such a place stands a resort owned by the prestigious CGH Earth Group, eager to introduce you to a way of life not experienced before.

The Resort, 88 km from Kochi, is spread across 25 acres of land and is separated from the sea by a stretch of palm trees. The owning Group has taken care that the purity of the village and its tranquility is not in the least disturbed. Rather the aim, forever, has been to integrate the atmosphere and services of the Resort with that of the village and its people. And it is this integration that makes a stay at this Resort a completely different experience. Still, modern touches make their presence felt at every step too.

The Ayurveda Centre of the Resort takes maximum advantage of this serene environment and use it to de-stress your fatigued body and mind.

Stay in Thatched Villas

Sprawling across 25 acres of land yet only 52 cottages. This is what makes space abundantly available practically everywhere in the Resort. The cottages, the Garden Villa and Pool Villa, give a typical exterior appearance of a fisherman's hut. The roof is thatched and stretches to cover the verandah in front and even has a tap to wash your feet before stepping inside. Inside, modernity manifests itself elegantly along with traditional. The blend is such that the modern facilities only seem to enhance the traditional appeal of the cottages. So, you have an air conditioned room to stay in comfortably and an open air courtyard with a banana or papaya tree to feel the magic of a Kerala village hut. Each of these villa has a mini garden, completely for individual use. The deluxe villa, additionally have a separate sitting area and a private pool.

Keralese & Sea Food prepared by a Renowned Chef

When you are leading a routine life, you hardly get an opportunity to enjoy your meal at a pace you want. Something or other other (or just your habit) compels you to finish off quickly. However, at Marari Beach Resort, a meal is all about having it patiently, breathing in the steaming aroma, enjoying every mouthful of bite taken and licking the gravy rolling down from the finger unhesitatingly.

There is a buffet and a speciality sea food restaurant, Fort Cochin, where you can enjoy food prepared by the writer Chef, Narayankutty. His books of recipes are abundantly available in the gift shops. Freshness of food served is what he stresses on untiringly and thereby ensures you of standard quality of food. Fresh catch, prawns, lobsters, crayfish and the famous 'karimeen', grilled and served right on the spot are mouthwatering while Keralese food - rice, idiappams, vegetable stews, spicy chicken gravies, tangy tamarind and kokam chutneys are instantly tempting.

The ingredient for the preparation of the food are cooked and brought on daily basis - the bread is baked daily and the vegetables are brought in from the Resort owned organic farm.

Leisure at its Best

Marari Beach Resort is not for those who are looking out for a happening time, rather it is for those in search of a laid back time. Blissful idleness is what Marari offers infinitely for those who seek to retreat from a rushing city lifestyle. You have the option sit on a reclining seat covered by a thatched umbrella and gaze around for hours doing nothing at all. Alternatively, you can also catch up on some reading that was left incomplete long back. There is also a library in case you are not carrying a book for yourself.

A bit of outing desired will take you out on the beach where a vast stretch of sand is lined up extensively with green plants and trees. The sound of the rushing waves will reach your heart instantly and the touch of cool water will melt your tensions away. Giving you company on the beach will be the other guests of the Resorts and a few odd fishermen.

And if you are keen on exploring this small quiet village, even then you need not stress yourself for there are bicycles available to give you a perfect feeling of being in a village. Once you are back in the Resort, there are other options to make the rest of the day interesting. For example, shows are organized by the Resort authorities to acquaint you with the culture of Kerala. And then, a friendly volleyball match at the court with the other guests is quiet an interesting option.

The Ayurveda Centre, Vaidyans, Yoga Classes and Yoga Masters

The Ayurvedic Centre at the Marari Beach Resort offers a range of treatment to de-stress your tired body and soul. The vaidyans or the qualified Ayurvedic physician, along with his group of trained staff, designs treatment best suited for individuals. Some of the treatment that are offered here are Dhara, Sirovasth, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhy, Udvarthanam, Medicated Steam Bath and General Massage. All these treatment are extremely effective in curing problems like skin disorder, insomnia, mental tension obesity, paralysis joint pains and arthritic conditions.

There are also yoga classes held everyday on the beach under the open sky, mainly during sunrise and sunset. A qualified yoga master conducts the entire session guiding both the novice and the experienced. Post yoga session, the freshness felt eliminates all the grievances you might have been nursing because you had to leave your bed really early in the morning or because you were reluctant to join the session after a round of the village. All the cribbing gives way to the new found energy and elation.

The Marari Beach Resort is located at a distance of 88 km from the Cochin International Airport. Alappuzha Bus Stand and Railway Station are 12 and 15 kms away respectively.


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