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"Alappuzha Beach or Alleppey Beach (as it was called before) invites you to enjoy its serene beauty and have tremendous fun with sun and water. Visit Alappuzha beach on your trip to Kerala and have great time soaking in the sun and sand. Also get to stay at some of the best Beach resort in Alleppey while vacationing in Alappuzha Kerala."
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Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha Beach, Kerala
Alappuzha Beach- Kerala

About Alleppey Beach Kerala

Alappuzha or Alleppey is a tiny place located on a thin strip of land between the Arabian Sea and the Punnamada Backwaters. The place is fondly referred to as the Venice of East because of its striking similarity between the two (Alappuzha and Venice) with regards to intricate maze of backwaters, canals and bridges. In the east the canals open to the Punnamada Backwaters while on the west they end close to the pier of Alappuzha beach. Alappuzha was once a thriving port and also a gateway to enter Kerala. The port was built by Raja Kesava Das, the Deewan of Travancore in the 18th century and facilitated the passage of goods to and from the region.

Today, Alleppey beach and the town in itself are a huge attraction for tourists who are in search of some different experience. The waters of the sea rush towards you as you approach it and seems more than willing to reveal the earthly story of this quaint little town.

Things To Do At Alleppey Beach

The Alappuzha beach, also known by the name of Alleppey beach is not popular amongst tourists without reason. From relaxing in solitude to indulging in exciting water sports - you can do whatever you wish to, the choice is yours.

Unravel The History At Alappuzha Beach

The 1000 feet pier at the Alappuzha beach that extends into the sea dates back to 1862. It was constructed by Captain Huge Crawford and served as a platform that provided access and protection to ships and boats. Today, though very little of the pier is left, yet it has an undeniable charm that will definitely attract you. The lighthouse, that once showed way to boats and ferries in the midst of pervading darkness of night, today allows very restricted entry. Together, the pier and the lighthouse recreate the era when boats sailed in large number to the ports of Alappuzha. They actually lead you back into time.

Get Set Go

Alappuzha beach beckons you to leave all inhibitions behind and indulge in a variety of water sports like surfing and parasailing. You can also swim a round or two if you so wish in the clear blue water of the sea. Alappuzha provides some of the best of aqua-sport equipment such as water-scooters and high-speed boats in the entire state so there is absolutely no stopping to you fun. Alternatively, you can also play a game of volleyball on the beach.

Just Sit Back And Relax

Alappuzha beach, with its scenic beauty, is a perfect place if you want to unwind and give yourself a break. Lie down and let the gentle breeze caress your hair, build a castle out of the sand and even slot a room for yourself in it. You can also roam around and ponder over the various things that have huge relevance in your life but are mostly neglected due to a hectic schedule.

Vijay Beach Park

This park is located on the beach itself and allows you to enjoy yourself in variety of ways. The park is run by District Promotion Council and pretty nice place for children to have fun.

Alleppey Beach Resort

Much has been said about the beauty and attractions of Alleppey beach in the above section, and now its turn to tell you about the Alleppey beach resorts where you can enjoy your stay. Alleppey beach resorts offers you an exhilarating and a memorable date with nature's best creation. Here you can find a suitable beach resort according to you budget. Here is a list that might help you:

Alleppey Beach Resort

Location: Near Beach
Accessibility: Airport (Dom.): 85KM., Bus stand: 4KM., City center: 4KM., Railway station: 10KM.

Coir Village Lake Resort

Address:Thrikunnapuzha, Alappuzha, Alleppey
Location: Near Beach
Accessibility: Alappuzha Bus Stand: 10KM., Alappuzha Railway Station: 10KM., Cochin Airport: 110KM.

The Marari Beach

Address:Mararikulam, , Alleppey
Location: Near Beach
Accessibility: Airport Domestic: 100KM., Airport International: 170KM., Bus Stand: 12KM., City Center: 15KM., Railway Station: 15KM.

Keraleeyam Home and Ayurvedic Resort

Address:P.O. Thathampally , Alappuzha , Alleppey
Location: Suburban
Accessibility: Airport (Dom.): 85KM., Bus stand: 4KM., City center: 4KM., Railway station: 10KM.

Sauver Nigam House Boat

Location: Near Beach
Accessibility: Airport (Dom.): 85KM., Bus stand: 4KM., City center: 4KM., Railway station: 10KM.


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