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"The splendorous waterfalls of Karnataka are the tourist delight and one of the best ways to rendezvous mother earth. Located amidst the green mountainsides, the waterfalls of Karnataka makes an ideal day tour for picnicking away from hustle and bustle of city ciaos. Visit the milky Jog Fall, Asia's highest water fall a major attractions among the travelers that will definitely leaves its visitors spell bind."
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Karnataka Waterfalls

Jog Falls - Karnataka
Jog Falls - Karnataka

Waterfalls in Karnataka - Heaved With Self-esteem

Waterfalls in Karnataka are the best way of getting closest to nature. They are also the best endowments bestowed on Karnataka by nature. If you are not on a long vacation, and you are fond nature. Chances are that you might just end up exploring only the waterfalls of Karnataka. It is not only because there are too many of them, each one of them is a true beauty. Best among them are definitely Jog Falls which is the highest in India and among the highest in Asia. Situated mostly in the hill stations of Karnataka, they offer an environment with unmatched serenity and rejuvenation.

Jog Falls

Being the highest waterfall in India, Jog falls is also one of the major tourist attraction in Karnataka. Jog Falls is formed by Sharavati River which falls from a height of 253 m. The falls are situated at a distance of around 100 Km from the Shimoga city. The fall comes down in four different tracks all of which have been named. Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani are their names. The highest of the four is the Raja which falls into a 40 meter deep pool. Next to Raja is the Roarer. The name aptly describes the great spurts of water into the air, far away from the rocks. Similarly, Rani is named for its graceful flow down the rocks. After the onset of monsoon, the Jog Falls start showing its true colors. Limitless water starts flowing down from the falls giving its onlookers a surreal sight. During the dry season, when can actually take a bath in the pool, however during the wet season the falls are covered with mist rising from the fall. The best time to visit Jog Falls is during November to January months, just after the monsoons and before the start of winters.

Shivanasamudra Falls

About 120 km form Bangalore, are the most roaring falls amidst the most silent surroundings. Shivanasamudra falls are also referred to as Gaganachukki Falls and Bharachukki Falls. In fact, the two falls together are called the Shivanasamudra Falls. The falls are formed by cascading Cauvery River plunging from a height of around 75 m. The falls are approached by covering some steep climbs. There is a board kept near the fall warning visitors not to go too close to the falls. It is advised that you keep a safe distance from the falls. The mist rising from the falls, makes the sight a dreamlike quality. The best time to visit the fall is just after August when the falls are swollen with water.

Magod Falls

If height of a waterfall is what decides the beauty of it. Then Magod Falls is definitely amongst the most beautiful waterfall in Karnataka. Falling from a height of 200m (659 feet), Magod Fall present a wonderful sight to eyes. The falls are formed by cascading River Bedti and are situated around 20 Km from Yellapur. The main feature of the fall is that it comes down in two stages. The quantity of water falling drastically differs according to season. During summers, the fall runs nearly dry and during monsoons and just after it, humongous amount of overflows from it. So best time to visit the Magod falls is during October to January period.

Iruppu Falls

Plunging from a height of 170 feet, Iruppu falls form a sight you will remember your whole life. Iruppu Falls are situated close to the famous Nagarhole National Park and are just 50 Km from Madikeri. Originating from Bramhagiri peaks, water from Iruppu falls leads into Lakshmana Teertha River in the plains. Stand close to the falls and feel the tiny droplets splash on your face. Rest assured, you would have never felt more relaxed and enthralled before.

Waterfalls are among the greatest wonders of nature that one can find on earth. And Karnataka has plenty of them to beckon you to these lands again and again. Explore these marvel and see for yourself, what is it in them that makes them a fantasy.


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