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"Mysore Palace is the grandest and the liveliest palaces that you will ever wish to see. In a country which is full of century old palaces, a 20th century palace is a surprise that will awe you to no limits. Famous for its multi styled architecture, Dussehra celebrations and mesmerizing interiors, Mysore Palace has become the pride of Mysore and Karnataka."
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Mysore Palace

Main Hall of Mysore Palace
Main Hall of Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace - Unmathched Grandeur

Mysore Palace is among the best and biggest palaces that are built in India. Situated in Mysore city, the palace has become the most known structure of not only Mysore, but of Karnataka. The palace is also called Amba Vilas, was not build how it looks today. It was completely build of wood but it was burnt down in the year 1897. A new palace was constructed at the same spot which was completed in the year 1912. The palace is also famous for the numerous artifacts that are kept on display in the museum inside the palace. On all Sundays and national holidays, especially during Dussehra, Mysore Palace is lit up with around 1 lakh bulbs at night. And it is at this time most visitors visit the palace. The sight of the illuminated Mysore Palace will leave an indelible impression on your mind. Dussehra is celebrated with huge fervor and main attraction is the procession that starts from the Mysore Palace accompanied by embellished elephants, musical bands and unimaginable crowd of colorful people.


Mysore was the seat of Wodeyar Dynasty from 14th century till Independence of India. A palace was built in Mysore by the Wodeyars as their residence. The Palace was destined for destructive future. Many times during the course of time, it got destroyed and then rebuilt by Wodeyars. The first blow came when the palace got struck by lightning in the year 1638 and was partly destroyed. Mysore Palace was repaired and expanded. However in 1793, the complete structure was torn down and a new palace was built on the spot in 1803. For years, the palace stood its ground. However, during the wedding celebrations of Princess Jayalakshmi in the year 1897, it caught fire and was reduced to ruins. It was ordered that a new palace be built at the same place. And for the reason, Henry Irwin, a famous British architect was deputed. He amalgamated many architectural styles to build a palace as grand and as luxurious, which India had never possessed. The construction of the Palace was completed in the year 1912.


The architecture of the palace is different and unique from all. Mysore Palace is a three storied building. It is 245 feet in length and 136 feet in width. The eye catching attributes on the exteriors of the palace are the marble dome and a 145 feet tower. Mysore Palace incorporates Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles of architecture. They are commonly described as Indo-saracenic. The main structure of Mysore Palace is surrounded by many well-maintained gardens. The entire complex of the palace is huge and also has numerous temples. Even the temples have their own story to narrate. You will find temples as old as of 14th century and also temples that have been built quite recently. Someshvara Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lakshmiramana Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu are the most important ones.

What you had seen outside was just a small introduction of many more splendid things that you are about to witness on the inside. The entrance into the palace is through one of the most interesting rooms of the palace, 'Gombe Thotti' or 'Doll's pavilion'. It is a gallery which displays traditional dolls and many European and Indian sculptures belonging to nineteenth century. The main attraction is a wooden elephant, which is decorated with 84 kg gold. The most lavish and extravagant rooms inside the palace are the 'Ambavilasa' or 'Diwan e khas' and 'Kalyana Mantapa'. Ambavilasa was the hall for private meetings. It is entered through a rosewood door that is full of exaggerated carvings that leads to a Lord Ganesha Shrine. The walls have exceptional oil paintings depicting the Dussehra celebrations in the city.

Other Information

Mysore Palace is open to public from 6 AM to 9 AM and then again reopens at 3.30 PM till 6.30 PM. It is open on all days. The best time to visit Mysore Palace is during Navaratri celebrations during which the palace is illuminated on all days. Mysore Palace is situated in the heart of the city and is the easily accessible from any part of the city.

Mysore Palace is an attraction, which is like none other, and none are like Mysore Palace. It has become one of the most visited attractions in Karnataka. The grandeur and splendor of the palace rarely fail to mesmerize its onlookers. Visit Mysore Palace and get a glimpse into the lavish conducts of former Indian rulers.


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