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"Madikeri welcomes its every visitor with open arms into the land full of fantasies. With undulating topography covered in different shades of green, dotted with exquisite coffee plantations, and atmosphere heavy with mist, Madikeri is a picture of magnificence. Madikeri town is full of trekking options with some of the most picturesque trek routes in Karnataka a perfect gateway for a leisure holiday."
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Places to Visit in Madikeri Tourism

Rituals In Talacauvery Temple, Madikeri
Rituals In Talacauvery Temple, Madikeri

Madikeri - Jewel of Karnataka

Situated about 237 Km south west of Bangalore, Madikeri is referred to as the 'Scotland of India'. Right in the heart of Coorg, it is the most important town in the district. The moment you enter the town, you will be captivated by the aroma of fresh coffee and cardamom. Madikeri is easily among the most scenic places in Karnataka. Nestling at an altitude of 1170 m above sea level, the green carpet landscape, is covered with a light mist making it a scene straight out of paradise. The pleasant climate at once will compel you to stay here for as long as possible. Talacauvery, the origin point of Sacred River Cauvery, is present here making it an important pilgrimage destination. It is visited by thousands of pilgrims throughout the year. There are lot of historical monuments in the town conveying that it is a town rich in history.

Not only is it a sacred place and a picturesque town, it is the best place for trekkers in Karnataka. Madikeri has some mid size hills that offer some great treks for both beginners and experts. The hills are not very high, but the steep-ness of the hills make them really challenging and adventurous. For shopping, there are small street side shops where you can shop for locally made handicrafts and images.

Attractions - Hand Built Beauties

Madikeri is one of the most picturesque places in Karnataka. The attraction all are of magical beauty. Dotted with some exquisite coffee plantations and ultimate trek routes, Madikeri has captured the top spots for tourism in Karnataka.


Talacauvery is considered among the most sacred places in Karnataka. It is the birthplace of River Cauvery. Situated on Brahmagiri Hills 48 Km from Madikeri, it is at a height of around 1276 m above sea level. A small water tank has been constructed at the point of origin. There is also a temple build at the spot where regular puja rituals are done. The temple is dedicated to Lord Agastheeswara, who is considered to be the link between great Sage Agasthya and River Cauvery. The main day here at Talacauvery is the first day of Tula Month according to Hindu calendar. The day is called Tulasankramana. Thousands of devotees come to Talacauvery on this day to witness the rise of fountainhead sprouting water at a specific time. It is considered auspicious by devotees to take a dip in the holy waters. The day is celebrated on various places along the banks of River Cauvery where devotees take a holy dip in River Cauvery. Apart from devotees, it is a great place for tourists as well, as the entire area is surrounded with breathtaking sceneries.

The Nalkand Palace

Built in 1772, this palace is a must visit for all art lovers. It houses some exquisite work of arts in the form of age old paintings. Even the carvings in the entire palace is mesmerizing. The palace was built by Doodvirajendra of Haleri after he was able to escape from the troops of Tipu Sultan. Even the last Haleri ruler took shelter here to hide from the British Forces in 1796. The Palace now belongs to the Archaeological Department of India. When visiting Nalkand Palace, don't forget to visit Thadiyandamole, which is the highest peak in the region.


Situated 34 Km from Madikeri, Kushalnagar is one of the best places for an excursion from Madikeri.. Kushalnagar serves as a connection between Coorg and Mysore districts. This makes it an important commercial place in Karnataka. Kushalnagar is famous for the many coffee plantations. In fact, most of the coffee curing works of the state are carried out in and around Kushalnagar. The rehabilitation center for Tibetan refugees, Kaveri Nisargadhama, Dubare forest, Harangi Dam are the main tourist attractions here.


Madikeri is probably the best place in Karnataka to indulge in adventure trekking. There are number of trek routes that turn out to be a great fun. Some of them are apt for starters, but there are few that are good enough to test even the most experienced. Thandiyandamole and Pushpagiri, rising to a height of 5729 feet and 5626 feet respectively are the highest peaks of all in Madikeri. Though they are not very high, but it is their steepness that makes them tough to conquer. These trek routes still do not see a lot a lot of human intervention, due to which they are kept very clean and green. The picturesque surroundings only add to the allure of these trek routes.

Accommodation in Madikeri

Madikeri has some exceptionally located hotels amidst the magnificent natural surroundings. There are hotels and tourist bungalows suited to all pockets. There are numerous guest houses as well inside the city. Most of the tourists come here to spend a tranquil vacation, away from all the city chaos. The hotels here offer just the right kind of facilities to give you a splendid time. The better hotels in the town are Coorg International, Mayura Valley View and Hill Town Hotel.

Getting There

By Air

Mangalore is the nearest airport to Madikeri at a distance of 136 Km. There is regular bus service from the airport to Madikeri. Though hiring a taxi is a far convenient way of reaching to Madikeri. After the renovation of the Mysore airport is complete, that would be the closest option. Just like Mangalore airport, Mysore too would be catered by all the major airline operators.

By Rail

Madikeri has no rail connection. So you have to take a train till Mysore, which is the closest railway station to Madikeri. It is at a distance of around 114 Km from here. Hassan, Cannanore, and Tellicherry are the alternatives that are equidistant from Madikeri.

By Road

Madikeri is situated on the Karnataka State Highway 88 that connects Mangalore and Mysore. When approaching from Bangalore, start by using Highway 17 (Bangalore-Mysore). After you cross Srirangapatna, take a daviation to join the Highway 88. State transport buses are there along with private operators between Bangalore (252 Km) and Madikeri.

Local Transportation

Taxis and autos are the main mode of transport. Buses are also available for long journeys.


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