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"Karwar is the place where the deep Arabian Sea meets the lofty Western Ghats and waterfalls roar down the sloping hills. The city is also the gateway to some important pilgrim spots like Gokarana and Ulavi, quite famous among the travelers and devotees. And Dotted with some of pristine and yet to be discovered beaches, Karwar is the picture of happy side of life."
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Fishermen At Karwar Beach
Fishermen At Karwar Beach

Karwar - Amidst The Depths of Silence

Karwar is the administrative headquarters of Uttara Kanara District in Karnataka. Although it is 519 Km away from the capital city Bangalore, it is just 15 Km from the Goa-Karnataka border. This makes it Karwar an important trade center. It is situated by the side of Kali Nadi and was once an important port city for sea trade frequented by Arabs, Portuguese, British and the French. Karwar is a small town with huge hidden potential for tourism. It is strewn with pristine beaches, which are still under the wraps. Karwar is probably the best place in Karnataka to go for a solitary hangout. The town is bordered by sea on side and Western Ghats on the other making it an absolute treat for the eyes. It is said that the beauty of the place inspired Rabindranath Tagore to write down his first drama.

Being a coastal area, it receives a lot of rainfall. In fact most part of the year it is raining here. This keeps the climate in Karwar refreshingly pleasant. As for shopping in Karwar, the town is famous for its fine muslin textiles.

Attractions - As Beautiful As It Gets

Most of the attractions for which tourist visit Karwar are situated few kilometers away from Karwar. One will find important pilgrimage destinations as well as naturally beautiful places around the town. The best feature of the town are the magnificent falls that beckon locales as well as tourist from all parts of Karnataka.

Magod Falls

This is the probably the most beautiful attraction around Karwar. Situated some 80 Km from Karwar, Magod Falls is formed by cascading River Bedthi. The falls are surrounded by dense and serene jungles that add to the beauty of the falls. There are many more good places to see around Magod falls like Jenukallugudda which is famous as honey rock hillock. It is a great place to witness scintillating sunrises and sunsets. The area has recently become a favored spot for vacationing.


For Lord Shiva Devotees, Gokarna is a pilgrimage as important as Kashi and Rameshwar. Main attraction of Gokarna is Mahabaleshwara Temple. It is believed that the idol of the deity in the temple is more than 1500 years old. There is a Bhadrakali Temple and a Venkataramana Temple that attract equal number of pilgrims. When in Gokarana, enjoy some moment on pristine beaches. The place is famous for its dense green landscape as well.


Ulavi is an important pilgrim destination around Karwar. It is at a distance of around 75 Km from Karwar. It is famous for the samadhi of Veera Shiva Saint Channabasavanna. It is said that it was here he took refuge from the army of Kalachurias. Hundreds of devotees visit this place to pay their homage. There is regular transportation from Karwar to Ulavi.

Shivganga Falls

Situated at a distance of 140 Km from Karwar are picturesque Shivganga Falls. The falls are formed by River Souda when it falls from a height of 74 meters. Shivganga Falls are a great option for day excursions and have become a popular tourist destination among the locales and travelers as well.

Accommodation in Karwar

More than hotels, you will find tourist cottages and bungalows here. However there are good budget hotels as well in the city. You will not find any highly luxurious hotels but the budget hotels that here are good enough for a comfortable stay. Good hotels in the city are Kiran Deluxe Hotel, Hotel Navaratna, Hotel Badhra, Hotel Ashoka and many tourist bungalows.

Getting There

By Air

The nearest airport is in Goa. It is situated at a distance of 105 km from Karwar. You can hire a taxi or a take a bus for a 4 hour a journey. Goa is well connected to all major cities of India by Indian Airlines and Jet Airways flights.

By Rail

Karwar has its own railway station which is at a distance of 8 Km from the bus station. It is a major station on Konkan railways and many important trains have a stop here.

By Road

Karwar has a good road network and is connected to all the major cities of Karnataka. Though major cities of Karnataka are bit away from Karwar but it is only 100 Km from Goa. Bangalore is around 520 Km and Mangalore is around 273 Km from here. There are regular KSRTC buses from the major cities in Karnataka.

Local Transportation

Auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are the major transportation in Karwar. Buses are also there in good number.


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