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"Art and Crafts of Karnataka are the wonders created by the silken touches of craftsmanship. What make this industry of Karnataka stand out are the unique and traditional methods that are still used to create items like Mysore paintings, Mysore silk and stone carvings. Shopping for handicraft items is a perfect leisure hunt on your holiday vacations in Karnataka."
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Karnataka Arts and Crafts

Designed Wooden Puppets
Designed Wooden Puppets

Arts and Crafts in Karnataka - The Inherited Magic

Arts and crafts of Karnataka always have been an inseparable part of people's life. Karnataka is among those states that still employ traditional methods for producing their arts and crafts. In yesteryears as well, Karnataka has been the hallmark of excellence in craftsmanship. This is evident form the numerous temples that are present in Karnataka. They are living examples portraying the skills that the people of that era possessed. The magic of hands has been passed down to the younger generation and that is visible in the paintings and other art works. It is not one place that is excelling in this aspect, almost every part of Karnataka is famous for one thing or the other. Like Mysore is renowned for its paintings and silk apparels whereas Udupi is famous for its metal works. Many institutes have started in Karnataka where masters in different forms of arts and crafts impart their knowledge to upcoming artists.

Wood Works

Woodwork in Karnataka has come of age in the last few decades. The most impressive work of wood can be seen in the numerous temples that adorn the face of Karnataka. The intricate carvings done on the wooden ceilings and doors is simply remarkable. The craftsmen still use the traditional methods for carving and giving finishes to their works. Idols of gods and goddesses are the most common works in wood that one can see in every household. Karnataka has a rich cover of forest which proves to be a good source for the raw material. Rose wood articles are the most famous among tourists as well as people who can afford it. Don't forget to pick a well crafted rosewood image for yourself.

Mysore Silk

Silk is the main export material from Karnataka and Mysore is the main center for the production of mulberry silk in the state. It is estimated that around 75 percent of India's production of mulberry silk comes from Karnataka. Mysore became the main center for silk as early as in the reign of Tipu Sultan. He was very much interested in the concept of Sericulture and brought silk worms from Bengal. He set up more than 20 silk worm rearing center, giving Mysore a new industry. And since then it has only been on the rise. Like in other parts, Silk in Karnataka as well is used mainly for the production of silk saris. Although, shawls made of silk are also hugely popular in India.

Metal Ware

Metal works in Karnataka is not confined to any particular area or city. While some regions are famous for bronze casting, others are known for bell metal works. Metal work industry is an important part of Karnataka people as numerous families are involved actively in it. Many articles for religious purposes are made of metal. Karkala, famous for Jain statues and Udupi are the major centers for such works. Mangalore is famous for the bell metal works and Nagamangala is famous for bronze casting. Most attractive pieces of bronze work are the human figures made out of it.

Mysore Paintings

Mysore Paintings are probably the oldest form of art works that have been carried onto the present era. Paintings in Mysore started way back in Ajanta period. Rule of Vijayanagara dynasty was a major boost to and turned out to be a boon for this kind of painting. King Mummadri Krishnaraja Wadiyar was the noted personality who worked towards the betterment of this art form. The paintings are still made the way they were done in the earlier periods. Bright vegetable colors, lustrous gold leaf, and precise lines is what make the Mysore paintings so unique and exquisite. Recently, many institutes started by master painters, impart the knowledge and skills to the younger generation of artists, so that they can increase the glory of Mysore paintings around the world.

In the past, Craftsmen of Karnataka have won many accolades from the kings and queens for their scintillating works. And today, their works are earning recognition around the world for the same magnificence. Just tread through the famous market streets to get the taste of this exquisiteness.


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